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Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil:

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Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil

Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil


(In stock)

    • Naturally fragranced with essential oils for no self tan aroma
    • Indulgent Self Tan Dry Oil
    • Moisturises for up to 7 days
    • For the ultimate, natural looking golden glow that lasts for days
    • Non-greasy, nourishing formula
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Description & How To Apply


Our most luxurious tan yet for the ultimate natural-looking, luminous glow that lasts for days. This Brazilian-inspired indulgent dry oil is suitable for all skin tones with a quick-drying formula that is clinically proven to moisturise for up to 7 days.

How to apply

Shake well before use. Apply to clean dry skin using an Applicator Mitt or hands. Wait until touch dry before getting dressed. Allow 4 – 8 hours before getting wet. Wash hands after use.

Carry out a patch test 24 hours before use. Don’t apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Stop if irritation occurs. Self tan may stain. Avoid contact with eyes and lips; rinse if contact occurs.

This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin ageing, skin cancer and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn. Store below 30ºC/86ºF.


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    • Wowsers!
    • This is theeee best tan ever. I use this and the face oil and both are so easy to apply with amazing results. With other fake tans I feel like it looks like tan but for the first time in my life people are asking where I've been on holiday! That's a winner for me, can't live without it now!
    • by Maria Stevenson | 02/08/2015
    • ST tropes dry oil
    • Amazing tanning product and good colour I found using a large brush is the easiest and quickest way for application works wonders
    • by Diane | 27/07/2015
    • My new dessert island product.
    • I received my order this morning which was very quick. The bottle of this dry oil looks stunning. I was excited to try it. I may add I am quite new to self tanning and have mostly had patchy results with other brands in the past. This product: I am nearly lost for words: super easy and quick to use. No mess at all not even on my hands. It left me with a gorgeous, perfect tan. By far the best tanning product I have ever used. I shall never buy anything else. My new holy grail body product!
    • by Brigitte Prior | 03/07/2015
    • Best fake tan ever!
    • This is by far the most superior fake tan I have ever used and I have tried them all. Easy applicable, I'd advise to use a mitt as I imagine using hands would get messy!
      As there is a gorgeous bronze tint to the oil you can easily avoid streaks. Well worth the money. Tan lasts around 4-5 days and fades evenly!
    • by Clare McShane | 12/06/2015
    • Wow
    • This is just the perfect natural looking tan I have been looking for and my skin feels so soft too.
    • by Lynn | 22/05/2015
    • Love it!!
    • I am very fair skinned and have dry skin aswell. I am so pleased with this oil as it does not dry my skin out the way the mousse does. The tan is very light and natural looking which I love, but I can understand whay tan lovers may prefer the mousse if they want a dark colour... But if you are looking for good moisture aswell as a light natural colour (nothing shockingly dark) get this product, but I would not recommend for the fake tan addicts who like it dark! Oh and also I found applying with my hand much easier than my mitt as the mitt absorbed alot of the oil.
    • by Denise | 18/01/2015
    • Best Faux Tan Ever
    • It's fair to say I loathe fake tan! I love the real deal but I am now sensible enough to understand that the sun is not our skins friend.

      I was sceptical when I purchased the tan for a special occasion but the packaging was lovely and I've never used a tan oil before.

      This tan, amazingly, is moisturising and as I have dry skin this ideal. I use a mitt and wouldn't dream of using fingers as it's too messy for my liking. It glides on, the guide colour is great and I like the finish. It's a bit sticky but it's worth it. It's streak free instantly which is great if you need colour on the go.
      I'd say the colour lasts a week and beyond this there's still a tint to my skin for another 3 days.
      I have a 6 month old baby and I can easily get this applied and sorted during his quick nap, so that's good enough for me :)
    • by Faye | 09/01/2015
    • Beautiful but slightly disappointed :-(
    • Being very fair skinned I am always on the hunt for the next best tanning product and I think it is fair to say I have tried my fair share of items on the tanning market. This oil has by far the best smell of any tanning product I have ever used, it leaves you feeling and smelling fresh (which is rare for a bottled tan) and even then the smell disappeared within 10 minutes.

      Because I am so fair when I tan I like to be as brown as 'naturally looking' possible and even after 2 full body applications of this product I was still not happy with the colour, I would say once applied it looked like I had had my tan on for about 3-4 days and it was starting to fade and this is what was left of it. I don't know if this is because I am used to a darker tanning guide from the St Tropez mousse?! But I felt like if I left it to develop and washed it off the next day I would of been as fair as I started out with a slight shimmer. I was so excited to try this product and even though it had a amazing smell, the application and colour was very disappointing. I am gutted as am a big St Tropez fan!!!!
    • by Georgia-Mae | 06/11/2014
    • Am-A-Zing!!!
    • I've been a fake tan lover for the last 11 years!! I am very pale! I've used pretty much every fake tan that has been advertised. This fake tan is honestly the best one I have ever used. Not only does it give you a lovely natural colour, it doesn't dry out your skin - with a lot of fake tans by day 4 I resemble a scaly fish! But this one wears off gradually. It almost feels like it really penetrates the skin. Just amazing!!! Use a lot though for the colour to sink in!
    • by Laura | 27/10/2014
    • absolutely love it :)
    • I'm not the best at applying tan. although not the worst, but this stuff is FANTASTIC. Even if you're not great at it like me you really can't go wrong! Gorgeous fresh smell, so natural looking and great value for money. I tend to apply tan every 2-3 weeks, giving myself a tan free week to make sure it's all off, I bought this in June and still have over a third left, and I apply it all over. Well worth the money :) definitely use your hands though!
    • by Kate | 15/10/2014
    • Unbelievable
    • I have tried so many self tans over the years but this one surpasses them all. Beautiful smell, so easy to apply and a gorgeous natural and most importantly EVEN colour! I would use your hand to apply though as I found this easier than the mitt. It is pricey but after tanning my entire body I've barely touched the bottle so well worth the money :)
      I'll never use another one again! If your debating whether or not to buy it, don't be, it truly is amazing
    • by kate | 12/07/2014
    • Absolute best self tan...ever!!!
    • The best self tan I have ever used. I've tried sooo many over the years but always find something wrong with them, streaky, orangey colour, over powering smell etc. I can't fault this one at all, goes on beautifully, has a gorgeous fresh smell and wake up in the morning to a lovely, even, natural tan with no streaks! It is pricey but we'll worth it, after tanning my entire body I've barely touched the bottle. I'll easily get 7-8 uses and given that the tan lasts 7-10 days, that's pretty good for the money :) I will never use another again! :) I'd use your hands as opposed to a mitt though as I found it was easier to apply.
    • by kate | 12/07/2014
    • Amazing!
    • My husband spotted this the other day & told me to try it, I originally went in for the 1hr tan, but I have to say how right was he?! It's brilliant, beautiful colour & received so many compliments....some people thought it was actually my tan from holiday (which was non existent as I'm so pale) well done st tropez, I hope it's around for a long time!!!!!!! :)
    • by Betty | 29/06/2014
    • Great Tan
    • Great looking tan, however my skin didn't look moisturise as the products description advised it would, fills like I have been sitting in the sun with out protection, never the less the tan looks natural
    • by Teresa | 26/06/2014
    • Shame about the smell
    • I was a bit sceptical about an oil tan but I love love love it! I feel like I've tried every tan going but nothing like this before! Goes on perfect, has a lovely glow so can put it on if I'm going out and developes into a very natural colour! I even got compliments on what a nice colour I've got! Only bad point is the smell! It's lemon and smells a little cheep. I was expecting a chocolate smell or an aromatherapy oil style smell. Something matching the luxurious texture and colour. It smells like it's trying to cover up the usual self tan smell but it's not nice!
    • by Jennifer Davison | 19/06/2014
    • Fantastic, unique taning product!
    • I've tried a fair amount of different types of self tans and this one is the most unique. Though it's called an oil, it's certainly not greasy! It glides on beautiful, smells very citrusy and feels very hydrating - more than I've ever got from a self tan before! Will definitely be re-purchasing this product.
    • by Helen Jacob-Lloyd | 16/06/2014
    • luxe dry oil self tan
    • This product is just amazing, I've been using st tropez for years and this new oil is fantastic. Gives you the look of "just come back from a sunny holiday" and mosturises too. I just love it. About to order another bottle .
    • by josette laszczak | 31/05/2014
    • Wow
    • A little goes a long way arrived today and just put it on. Love the sparkle and the golden colour hope it looks just as good when I shower. Being fair people will think That I have natural tan which I never do or in fact sunbathe.
    • by Jojo | 29/05/2014
    • St Tropez Dry Oil
    • I am a huge fan of the St Tropez lotion and mousse but this is a fab product. Would recommend it so easy to use applied with a mitt great result. No foul smell just fresh citrus notes. Lovely product.
      Carol 27/5/14
    • by Carol Scott | 27/05/2014
    • Great product - Stunning outcome
    • After using this product I have achieved the best looking natural tan! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants soft skin and a natural looking glow!
    • by Roxanne Chand | 03/05/2014
    • Must have product!
    • Gorgeous, subtle golden glow that can be built up. I use it at night. It dries so quickly I'm literally in bed, lights out, ten minutes later. Smells light and fresh, like citrus, and it feel my skin is moisturized too, which is nice. It has a very light self tan smell ( ...show me one self tanner that doesn't. Some are just worse than others) but it is not bad at all and fades by morning. When I wake up, I smell nothing! Some I have to run to shower as soon as I wake up, my nose is so offended. Not with this. It is wonderful, and truly a luxury product. If you don't like the shimmer effect, don't worry, it washes off after the first application, once the color has set. Never stop making this! I truly feel as if it is a perfect blend of body self tan/ skin care!
    • by Jennifer | 03/05/2014
    • WOW
    • This is the best yet. Have tried every Self Tan there is . Was in Boots today and was about to go to checkout with fake bake then noticed this on shelf. Decided to give it a go went home and tried it on my legs omg no streaking smelt fantastic went on like a dream. New best buddy!!!!!
    • by Loraine | 26/04/2014
    • Fabulous!
    • This tan is lovely! Very luxurious and gives a nice natural glow which can be built up into a darker colour if you wish. It gives a lot of moisture and isn't drying in the slightest. I am a very big fan of the packaging, it looks so classy on my dressing table and looks really expensive. Definitely worth the price 100%
    • by Chantelle | 21/04/2014
    • Shimmering Golden Goddess Essential!
    • This is such an amazing product. Ideal alone if you just want a bit of a glow or perfect to complement a tan to really give you a shimmering bronzed goddess look! I'm quiet pale, and this suited me down tea. Very buildable if you apply more than one coat, but I would do this over a couple of days. It has such a pleasant scent (rare thing to say about a tan product) so you won't have any tell-tale signs. Definitely going to re-purchase as it gave my legs a lovely bronze sheen so perfect for nights out!
    • by Jessica Riley | 26/03/2014
    • Perfect Glow A Touch Of Luxury
    • The results of this oil are truly incredible, as a blogger I'm constantly testing tanning agents and oils and in my opinion St Tropez always comes out on top. There a a few things i look for in a tanning oil, the scent, ingredients, how it applies and performs and chief among them is the result. This oil gives a natural luminous finish that will be hard to rival, it truly is beautiful.
    • by natasha allen (natasha's BeautyBlog) | 23/03/2014
    • Brilliant once again
    • The second St. Tropez self tan I've tried and I'm still soo impressed especially because I don't normally wear or like them but this is amazing as well. It goes on easily and no worries with it going streaky at all. It just applies like a dream. I used my hands as I am yet to buy a mitt. It gives you a gorgeous glow but the best thing is that it's natural and it doesn't smell of fake tan! I had a shower the next day and the result was just a stunning natural glow, just like if you were out in the sun and got a tan naturally. The only problem I had was with the stopper and actually applying it. It's messy as it is an oil and you do have to be careful when putting the product onto your hand or mitt because it could fall on the your floor. I did have to clean the bottle after because it had gone onto it but that would be the only thing. I do think that it's worth the money and that would only be a little thing to deal with for the amazing result.
      Seriously loving the two products I own and have recommended them to friends.

      Amazing again. Thank you St. Tropez.

      Ana Elizabeth Aguila
    • by Ana Elizabeth Aguila (Elizabeth's Beauty Blog) | 21/03/2014
    • Holy Grail of self tan!
    • WOW! I'm a lover of St Tropez self tan, especially the mouse, but I think I've found my new favourite product. It's gorgeous and the smell is amazing. One thing I hate about false tan is the putrid smell but this dry oil smells so citrous and is really refreshing. I walk around feeling fresh when I've applied it. The coverage is fantastic and it works like magic to transform even my mixed race skin into a golden glow. There's a slight shimmer to the oil when applied to the skin too. I love that is moisturises my skin too. Best tanning product I have tried and reviewed too.The tan just lasts and lasts! I will be posting a more in depth review on my blog soon. stylespotter.blogspot.co.uk

      Thanks St Tropez
    • by Olivia WIlliams | 18/03/2014
    • In a Different League
    • I've used St Tropez tanning lotion for years and was luckily chosen via a Facebook competition to test the new generation Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil.

      One word...WOW! Before I even opened the bottle you could see it was a luxurious liquid with a slight golden shimmer. On application it smelled exquisite! It's very easy to apply and a non-sticky formula that you wouldn't expect from an oil. It gives an all over shimmer and a great natural glow.

      I would recomend this to those who tan regularly as it lasts longer than the mousse or lotion.

      Overall two thumbs up!

      Thanks St Tropez!
    • by Amanda Sergeant | 15/03/2014
    • Perfect for Dry Skin!
    • Having dry skin I sometimes find that fake tan clogs and can leave my tan looking patchy, so I was really excited when I heard about an oil based tan that could keep the skin moisturised. And I was not left disappointed, the tan left my skin feeling silky smooth and produced a natural glow that lasted around 5 days. Although the product was slightly harder to apply compared to the mousse that I usually use the results were much more natural and perfect for spring. The slight shimmer within the formula helped to ensure a streak free tan. I loved the fact that the there was no fake tan smell because it meant I could let it develop in the day without being conscious of the smell. I would definitely recommend this tan to anyone who suffers from dry skin but still wants that sun kissed look all year round.
    • by Harriet Redfern | 12/03/2014
    • Excellent!! keeps me moisturised too
    • When I recieved this I was abit reluctant as I have never used a tanning oil before! But been a massive fan of St.Tropez & swearing by their bronzing mousse, I decided to try it! After exfoliating & applying to skin, I felt it was best applied at night so in the morning you are left with a healthy glow! I found using it after applying the bronzing mousse as a top up worked best for me & also kept me moisturised too! Only downside is applying it, difficult to keep it from spilling off the mitt! Will definitely continue to use!! :)
    • by Laura | 10/03/2014
    • member of the vip beauty panel
    • As a member of the vip beauty panel, I was so delighted to be able to try this product. I am always happy with any st tropez product but this product really is outstanding. With a fantastc smell and easy application, you really do get that holiday glow without the orange effect. A lot of people have said to me it looks like I have been on holiday. Will not hesitate to use this product in the future. Will 100% be stocking up on this product and be recommending st tropez to everyone I know.
    • by louise | 10/03/2014
    • Beautiful tan
    • Great product, I loved the colour this tan gave me. I am fair skinned so this gave me a beautiful deep golden glow which I usually need to achieve by applying two layers of classic St. Tropez or the dark version. I would most definitely recommend this product however it is a bit messy being an oil it goes on to the bottle then onto hands. However if you keep a baby wipe handy to clean the bottle this helps preventing it going onto your hands. Also a mitt does make it easier to apply without stained palms.
    • by Sinead Parker | 08/03/2014
    • WOW
    • Must buy. This is by far the best tan I have ever tried and I think being a pale redhead (I have not yet embraced my paleness, my desert island product would be a bronzer) and searching for almost 20 years I have practically tried them all. It is an absolute pleasure to apply, really hard to describe the texture but it justs glides on seamlessly leaving a golden glisten, the smell is lovely and instantly your body looks better. It does take a few minutes to dry however but once dry their was no staining on towels/sheets etc. Be prepared however that although this feels like a luxurious body oil remember it is a tan and it does pack some colour. I woke up the next day surprised at how much colour was there, again though it was fantastic a proper deep golden tan with no orange whatsoever and no streaking, there was a tiny bit between my toes but I did just glide it on convinced it would be little more than a gradual tan (I applied mine with a mitt). This tan will take some beating to beat!!!
    • by Jacqueline Whitby | 05/03/2014