Self tan body contouring

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St.Tropez Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert Jules Heptonstall explains how to master the Brazilian booty.

Contouring with self tan is becoming an increasingly popular way of subtly but effectively highlighting and defining parts of the body to give a more toned appearance. First it was boys wanting their abs contoured and now the girls are wising up and chiselling their bodies with contouring techniques.

Base colour

Contouring is all about adding another dimension to skin so it is important to have an all over base tan before contouring. Try St.Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil  as it will leave skin tanned, golden and hydrated – the perfect base for contouring.

Bum contouring

To create a more pert and shaped derriere, use a pea sized about of St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Lotion  and apply using a foundation or dual fibre brush, following along the natural curve of the cheek to create a shaded effect. Blend by gently buffing using a buffing mitt.

Cleveage contouring

For those ladies lacking in the chest department, you can also boost your cleavage by using the brush to lightly sweep some lotion in between the bust towards armpits and again, gently buffing towards the edges to blend. Work with the natural curves of the bust, contouring is all about working with what you naturally have to create the most realistic effect possible.

Ab contouring

Define abs by shading in the natural indents along the stomach, using a tanning mitt to add contours to the outsides of the abdominal muscles. Push your middle finger forwards inside the mitt to give more precision and control when shading.

Leg contouring

You can also slim thighs by adding an extra layer of tan inbetween legs to give a more streamlined effect. Stand in front of the mirror on tip toes to see where the muscles naturally indent on calves and thighs and follow the lines using either a dual fibre brush or a tanning mitt.
If you don’t have time to create a permanent contour then St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion in Light/Medium  is perfect for adding subtle definition before a night out.

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  1. Jason marsh says:

    St.Tropez spray tanning is an awesome way to get a darker skin complexion and a toned body.