Is St. Tropez Vegan & Cruelty Free?

Posted on August 17, 2018 in News with 1 Comment

By now, you are definitely no stranger to the word “vegan”- it’s been a hugely popular topic not only among young people but also within brands. With a growing amount of customers looking for products that support their vegan beliefs, many brands have made changes to their existing products to suit those with vegan and animal friendly lifestyles and St.Tropez is no different.

Vegan St. Tropez Products

St.Tropez uses 100% natural tanning actives, meaning the DHA in our tans comes from plants: wheat and rapeseed, as opposed to being made up of those scary harsh chemicals you are so often told to avoid.

Being a beauty brand, we often get asked if we test our products on animals. St.Tropez is completely cruelty free and is strictly against animal testing: we do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor do we ask anyone to test them on animals on our behalf. So don’t worry – next time you see our products in store you can be assured no furry friends have been harmed to get it there!

Although the majority of our products are completely vegan-friendly (which you can view and shop here), it is sometimes necessary to use some safe synthetic materials in our formulations. However, we can assure you that every single one of our products is paraben free, sulfate free and phthalates free.

Inspired by nature, some of our Self Tans are actually inspired by natural ingredients. For instance, our Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse, is infused with uplifting green mandarin water and tropical hibiscus flower extract. Not only does this make it smell amazing (trust us), but the skin caring ingredients also help to combat the effects of pollution which can otherwise quickly dull and dehydrate your skin – who wants that?

So next time you’re wondering which brands are actively aiding in the development of animal friendly products, you’ll know to keep us in mind!


St. Tropez x


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  1. Christine Cummings says:

    I am so glad to read that St Tropez is cruelty free as I have decided to stop purchasing any products that are not. I love the tanning mousse and I’m glad I can continue using it