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Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Body Lotion

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Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Body Lotion

Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Body Lotion

Gradual Tan Plus Sculpt and Glow Body Lotion

SKU# 100009914


    . Advanced skincare benefits

    . Define and sculpt with tan toning technology

    . Natural Sea Algae and Hyaluronic acid for skin that feels more toned*

    . Gradually builds a sunkissed glow to suit all skin tones

    . Streak-free, quick-drying & easy to apply

    . Re-apply daily, or as desired, to build your depth of tan

    . Suitable for all skin tones

    *After 4 weeks regular usage

Description & How To Apply


For a natural, sunkissed glow with long-term skincare benefits. This quick absorbing lotion is enhanced with our tan toning technology that contains a natural Sea Algae extract and Hyaluronic acid for skin that feels more toned, reducing the appearance of imperfections and for an overall sculpted look*. Reapply daily or as required.

- No self tan smell, with our mood-boosting fragrance
- Streak-free and easy to apply
- Quick-drying, non-greasy and non-pore blocking
- Ultra-hydrating for up to 48 hours
- Suitable for sensitive skin

*After 4 weeks of regular usage

How to apply

Step 1: Apply daily, or as desired, to clean, dry skin in firm circular motions, paying particular attention to hips, thighs & buttocks.
Step 2: Ensure all areas are covered and lightly glide any excess lotion over your hands and feet. Wash hands after application.
Step 3: Wait until touch dry before getting dressed.
Step 4: Allow 4-8 hours before getting wet.
Step 5: Exfoliate regularly to maintain your tan and top-up as desired.


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    • Amazing Moisturiser
    • I often find with gradual self tanners that they don't moisturise as well as my usual body lotion, not with Sculpt & Glow. The cream soaks in to your skin really well and my skin felt soft and smooth all day long, and the colour builds up evenly to a lovely glow.

      Definitely the best gradual self tanner I've tried (& I've tried a few).

      Give it a go!!
    • by Sarah | 15/05/2017
    • Fantastic!!
    • I got the opportunity to try this and would highly recommend this product. I have extremely dry skin and struggle with tans - not this one! It was great to be able to build up the product to the desired colour. As I am quite fair skinned I didn't use it daily but if you are wanting a deeper tan then obviously you can adapt to your needs. It gave a lovely sheen to your skin and a slight sparkle here and there!

      A lovely, light smell and although the cream was quite thick in consistency it went on like a dream and soaked in giving a lovely healthy glow. I have been telling everyone I know how great this product is and a few of my friends have bought it to try on my recommendation! I noticed the difference after one application and was asked if I'd been away over Christmas!

      Brilliant product!
    • by Helen Rourke | 18/01/2017
    • Great product!
    • The word "sculpt" always fill me with know, the whole "try this really easy technique, and sculpt your cheekbones / chin / legs / whatever" and then it goes awfully wrong and you look like some 80's throwback with go faster stripes instead of a natural toned look. Well, never fear, as this product is nothing like that, and will give you an effective, streak free glow. The cream is surprisingly thick, has a nice smell, and is easy to apply. I'm a convert!
    • by Laura | 12/01/2017
    • Perfect!
    • I have always loved St.Tropez and now love it even more, this product is a light lotion, which gave me an amazing sun kissed glow.
      The build up was just right, and my husband didn't complain about the smell - which makes me a happy wife!

      I recommend this product to everyone as it's easy and gives a perfect colour.
    • by Carolyn | 11/01/2017
    • Great product
    • This is a great lotion. I have used other St.Tropez body products and this is my favourite to date. There is no horrible smell and gave a natural glow after the first application. I built up the colour gradually and was really pleased with the result.
    • by Lisa | 10/01/2017
    • Fantastic results
    • Loved this product. I have been using St.Tropez products for very many years now & they never disappoint me.

      I loved the product! It gave me a natural sun kissed glow & had a fresh pleasant fragrance. My skin felt soft & the product was not greasy at all. It did not stain my clothes or my bedclothes either.
    • by Emma Leah | 10/01/2017
    • Sun Kissed Glow
    • I have been using St.Tropez Classic Gradual Tan (White Tube) for many years, I never thought I would switch to a different St.Tropez product, (I will now), this tan seems more luxurious, a massive plus for me is that I personally did not experience the unpleasant “fake tan” after smell, it has a pleasant scent even while developing, as with other St.Tropez products I have found it did not transfer onto my white bedding or clothing, I felt the drying time was slightly quicker too :)

      The cream itself has a lovely thick consistency, it left my skin feeling nourished, there is a hint of colour in the cream leaving no place for error, it left a streak free natural looking golden tan, I am fair skinned and was pleasantly surprised by the natural healthy sun kissed glow from first application.

      I personally find that twice per week is suffice for my needs to get the colour that is suited to me, will certainly stick to this line in future.
    • by Joanne Clark | 09/01/2017
    • Excellent results!
    • Superb product, excellent results. A lovely lotion, super fresh fragrance which stays true as it develops. Easy to apply and gave good, even results and a lovely natural glow. Can easily be built up for more colour if needed.
    • by Ruth | 09/01/2017
    • Love this!
    • Have only been using this a week and can already see the difference!!!
      Easy to apply no nasty smell and fab results what more could you want!!
      Will definitely be purchasing again ☺
    • by Vicky Wells | 09/01/2017
    • St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Body Sculpt and Glow
    • I have been using this product over Xmas and New Year. I am a member of the VIP Beauty Panel.
      I have tried and tested most tanning products at some point over the past 48 years and I have to say I can't remember a time other than this that I have been thrilled with the results. I am a super-smeller so for me it has always been dreadful the smell of tanning products. I am so happy that St.Tropez Gradual Tan Plus really does as it states on the product. It glides on and smells really great fresh and clean and beautifully moisturising and has an excellent build up so using it daily really does allow you to reach the level of tan you want to achieve. It looks very natural and its streak free.
      I want to thank you for the opportunity and I will be purchasing this product again. It's the answer to my prayers being fair skinned has until now has been a problem and now you have solved it for me.
    • by Gillian Butler | 08/01/2017
    • A perfect application
    • I tried this over the Christmas period and I love the results. I'm fair skinned so my approach to tan has always been the gradual tan so I can build as I like. With added skin benefits this is a sure winner from St.Tropez, the tan was easy to apply and melted into the skin and felt dry enough to get dressed straight away. Once melted into the skin it left a subtle radiance and developed into a beautiful veil of colour. I loved the skin benefits too it felt very hydrated but not greasy on the skin at all. It was lightly scented and no trace of the dreaded self tan scent of the past! I loved this product and would definitely recommended to family and friends. Thanks
    • by Georgina Jacobs | 08/01/2017
    • A Tanning Must Have!
    • Loved this product. No streaking, even my feet looked good!
      Lasted well and even when applied everyday, I didn't get a build up that was difficult to remove. Smells good, no complaints from the other half. A very natural sun kissed look.
    • by Karen Ryan | 08/01/2017
    • Great product
    • I tried this gradual tan over Christmas and must say I loved it. Went on easy and developed into a nice golden colour after one use. The only down side was I felt it tookl a bit longer to dry and couldn't get dressed immediately. I put it on one leg to compare results and was surprised at the colour after the one application. Apply every other few days to keep the holiday tan.
    • by Karen Beattie | 08/01/2017
    • A must have for a golden glow with skincare benefits
    • I have used St.Tropez tan for years but this product is going to be my new go to. Not only did it build gradually to a lovely natural colour but it left my skin feeling more toned, it's easy to apply, smells gorgeous and lasts. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a lovely natural glow with skin toning benefits.
    • by Samantha Jones | 08/01/2017
    • Perfection as always!
    • Received this just before Christmas which gave me plenty of time to use it over the holidays, I already use the Classic Gradual tan in Medium/Dark and this product sits somewhere in between so if you're pale don't worry about going unnaturally dark, this product will enhance your skin tone while firming with continued use, it smells gorgeous and features the same mood enhancing scent of the other Gradual Tan products, with continued use I noticed the skin on my arms become more healthy looking, toned and moisturised. It does what it says and I have managed to skip a few days at gym! No one will know the difference ;)
    • by Daniel | 07/01/2017
    • Easy application
    • Great product , I was a little scared using this product for the first time as I usually use St.Tropez Express Self Tan which has a colour guide. I had no need to worry, dried quickly with no unpleasant smell
      Even after one application my skin was a light golden brown and super moisturised.
      Highly recommended , this could easily be my new favorite St.Tropez product.
    • by Heidi | 07/01/2017
    • Superb colour!!
    • I absolutely loved how easy this was to apply! It feels silky and glides over the skin without dragging so you can achieve a great, streak free colour. It's not one you can use when in a rush as it did require around an hour or so to fully dry but definitely worth taking your time over and enjoy a bit of pampering. After a few hours, the tan begins to show itself but I'd definitely wait a day or two before deciding whether you want to apply more for a deeper tan as I found that for my skin tone, one application was enough. I used it over my whole body and really loved the bronzed glow it gave as well as how toned my legs looked ....whoop!! I would have scored this 5 stars if it weren't for the smell! This does have a typical 'fake tan' smell which lingers for quite a while so be warned!
      Overall, an excellent product which does exactly as it says.
    • by Elaine Kirkup | 07/01/2017
    • Looking good
    • Gradual tan plus sculpt and glow body lotion is my new favourite product skin feels soft silky with a nice even glow all over, just in time for me going for an all over body massage, so soon inside will feel as good as outside.
    • by Grant Lamont | 06/01/2017
    • Amazing
    • Lovely new product from St.Tropez, as with all St.Tropez products you will not be disappointed, the cream appears quite thick at first but applies really easily leaves the skin feeling soft and is easily absorbed, has a nice smell, leaves a lovely light natural tan that can be easily made darker with regular applications I have very fair skin and it was perfect, not orange in anyway, skin feels slightly firmer after a couple of weeks use.
    • by Sarah Wingfield | 06/01/2017
    • Apply and glow
    • Love this product ! It partners the Gradual Tan luminous plus face cream beautifully ! This is the only tanning product I've come across that gives you a Gradual looking tan whilst making your skin literally glow at the same time ! The lotion absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving it tacky. I applied the product before bed and even on the first day I noticed a light golden glow, if you apply every day the tan deepens slightly. My skin feels so soft and hydrated. It's lovely to apply before going on a night out as well because it gives you such a glow ! It really illuminates the skin. This product has quite a subtle fragrance it's not overpowering and it also doesn't leave that horrible 'fake tan' smell that you get with some fake tan products on the market. This product would make your skin look amazing if you actually applied it over the top a dark tan it would show off the glow even more, I can't wait to use it in the summer .
    • by Kali filsell | 06/01/2017
    • Great!!
    • Lovely product, smelt nice and adsorbed well into skin without feeling sticky or heavy...definitely purchase in the future
    • by Jeanette | 06/01/2017
    • Smells Great
    • Lovely natural looking product. We tried this over Christmas and New Year and looking back at photos we looked amazing!!!! Applies great and easily, smells nice and lasts. Would really recommend for all skin types!
    • by Sarah Swann | 05/01/2017
    • Must Have Product
    • Used this product for a week so far and can definitely see and feel the results. So easy to apply and use as part of your daily shower routine. After just one application my skin looked and felt more toned with a lovely glow. Amazing!
    • by Judith McConaghie | 05/01/2017
    • Fabulous Results!
    • I received this tan at Christmas a week after having a St.Tropez spray tan for a work Christmas party. I was a little apprehensive about using the gradual tan whilst I still had my spray tan but it was just the perfect tanning partner. As the spray tan started to fade I applied the gradual tan every evening for a week. I also exfoliated everyday too and the results were just perfect. The gradual tan prolonged the life of the spray tan and in addition to that, gave the most amazing glow whilst thoroughly moisturising my skin. Applying the gradual tan was so easy and it dried really quickly without being sticky. This product would be absolutely perfect if you were planning a two week sunshine holiday and have a spray tan before you go. This product will prolong your spray tan and moisturise your skin beautifully and you will never have to worry about that tan fade again. Fabulous St.Tropez!
    • by Joelle | 05/01/2017
    • Natural Looking Results
    • I used this product over the Christmas and New Year period and it more than made me feel party ready! The cream goes on so easily and smells just great. Would definitely buy in the future and recommend to friends. The glow is just right, and it leaves the skin feeling amazing!
    • by Rose Curran | 04/01/2017
    • My New Desert Island Must Have
    • So easy to use and gives a great glow to the skin. I used this every day for 2 weeks and cant believe the difference in the appearance of my legs. It moisturises really well and results in a lovely sun kissed glow. Non greasy and really light on the skin and its not sticky. Use it alongside the face version for top to toe winter glow!! My friends have all asked what ive been using so I have been spreading the St.Tropez Glow.

      I'm going to be applying it before my wedding as it will give me a lovely fresh subtle colour.
    • by Jayne | 04/01/2017
    • Amazing. Loved it.
    • As I'm a red head and very pale, I was a little concerned about using a product that is new to market. I usually check out the reviews before I buy. My fears of turning a streaky shade of orange for New Year were totally unfounded because this product is superb. First thing you notice is the scent as you start to apply it, just wow, it smells fabulous and not overbearing. It goes on really smoothly and feels creamy, but not at all sticky or greasy. The fragrance did fade after a couple of hours reverting to a very light biscuit smell.

      I apply it after I shower and it gives a lovely pale golden colour within hours. I use it about three times a week and it does not look fake or over dark, the colour builds up. The result is lovely soft, smooth skin with a great natural colour and with no streaks. I can't comment on the toning effect as I haven't been using it long enough.

      After leaving it to dry it doesn't leave any marks on clothing or bed linen. I will continue to use this product as I absolutely love it and would recommend it. Had the lotion retained the gorgeous fragrance then this would be 5 star + product.
    • by Tracey Kellegher | 04/01/2017
    • Good product
    • Really loved this, only problem is that it takes a bit too long to dry however leaves a great colour.
    • by Patricia Stewart | 03/01/2017
    • Loved it !!!
    • This was my first time trying any St Tropez products. I was fortunate enough to try the Gradual Tan Plus sculpt & glow body lotion via their VIP Beauty Panel.
      The first thing I noticed was how smooth it went onto my skin and easy it was to apply. There was no after smell either.
      My skin felt so smooth for hours afterwards. I applied it every morning and after about the 2nd application I was noticing a golden glow appearing. As my skin is quite pale anyway after the 3rd application I definitely had a visible natural glow which looked very healthy. I will definitely use this product again without a doubt and will also recommend it to my friends and family.

    • by Nine Jozwin | 03/01/2017
    • Just perfect
    • I've used lots of fake tans in my life and it is by far the best goes on so nice , no streaks such a nice colour. And a bonus leaves your skin feeling so soft.
    • by Rachel anne lee | 03/01/2017
    • WOW!! What a product
    • What a great product, I love the fresh smell it leaves on my skin, it went on so well and absorbed into my skin so quick, I love the natural glow it left on my body straight after applying, I could see a difference in the colour of my body the next day and after applying it for 3 days I had a great natural tooling tan all over,I am so impressed with this product and will be recommended it to all my friends ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ LOVE IT
    • by Chardonay Bromley | 27/12/2016


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