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Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml

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Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml

Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml
Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml
Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml
Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml
Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml

Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse, 120ml

SKU# 100102610


    The one minute tan

    . World’s first 1 minute Pre-Shower tan

    . Apply to dry skin and shower off after just 1 minute

    . Sunkissed glow from day 1 that gradually builds

    . Re-apply daily or leave on for longer for a deeper glow

    . Streak-free and easy to apply with no self tan smell and no transfer

    . Easily fits in to your daily regime and ideal for a subtle year-round glow everyday

    Tried and Tested*

    Clinically proven to be double the colour in less than half the time.**

    - 97% of women loved how easy it was to use

    - 84% agrees that it is the most convenient way to tan

    - 80% said that the they got a natural healthy looking glow after using Gradual Tan Pre-Shower Mousse

Description & How To Apply


The World’s first One Minute Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse is the most convenient way to an everyday sunkissed glow. Simply apply to dry skin daily and shower off after just 1 minute for a subtle golden glow from day one. Reapply daily, or leave on longer for a deeper glow.

*Tested on 100 women, over a 14 day period.
**Compared to our bestselling Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Medium

How to apply

Step 1: Apply to dry skin in circular motions, using the light sheen to guide you.
Step 2: Wait 1 minute.
Step 3: Shower as normal.
Step 4: Your natural, sunkissed glow will gradually develop over 8 hours.
Step 5: Reapply daily or as desired to build your depth of tan.


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    • Exfoliation
    • If using the pre shower tan,when do you exfoliate and Shave your legs and can you moisturise after your shower?
    • by Helen | 19/05/2019
    • Hello Helen, you can exfoliate and shave 24 hours prior the first use. You can moisturise after using our Pre-shower tan, this will help your tan stay looking fresher for longer and give even fade.
    • Amazing
    • Found this product this week and thought I would give it a go. It is so easy to use, and the beauty is you don't have to wait for it to dry, or feel sticky after. 2 days usage and my tan looks natural and I didn't have to sit in the sun for hours. Definitely will be buying more.
    • by Shirley | 28/07/2018
    • Amazing stuff!
    • I have been waiting for this all my life - It's quick, easy and it works, total time and LIFE saver!
    • by Zoe | 13/03/2018
    • Sun kissed look.
    • I loved trying this product.Really easy to use, and it smells nice. Made my pale skin look sun kissed.
    • by Angela | 08/03/2018
    • The easiest tanning mousse!
    • I absolutely loved this tanning product as it’s so easy ...

      Step 1 apply and leave for 1 minute
      Step 2 shower as normal

      I know, that’s it;
      And the results are flawless .. a perfect tan.
    • by Carolyn Gentle | 05/02/2018
    • So easy to use
    • This was so easy to use as I have very little time in the morning. It goes on white so you don’t miss anywhere. I preferred to leave it on longer than a minutes to get a slightly darker colour.
    • by Karen Beattie | 04/02/2018
    • So easy!
    • This product has brightened the darkest of Winter days I loathe Winter with a passion, but I have been up like a lark this week and applied the Gradual Tan Pre Shower its so easy to use as you are able to see where you have applied it, I brush my teeth and shower it off and I have got a wonderful natural glow after three days of using it , its streak free and it makes Winter almost bearable I love it .
    • by Gillian Butler | 01/02/2018
    • quick, simply, perfect for mid week top up!
    • unbelievably simple to apply. Was sceptical about the principle at first, but really is streak and hassle free.

      Application is white, you just cover where you want, Other tans are darker however for gradual build up or healthy glow this is a winner
    • by Lucy | 31/01/2018
    • Fantastic Product
    • So easy to use , no mess, it does exactly what it says on the bottle . Amazing coverage and glow . Well done St Tropez
    • by Teresa Ellis | 30/01/2018
    • Perfect for topping up your tan
    • I love this tan for helping me to "top up" and maintain my St Tropez tan. It means I never need to lose my glow
    • by Marie yexley | 29/01/2018
    • Easy way to a gorgeous tan
    • I love St Tropez's in-shower tanning lotion, so I was very excited to give this a whirl... and I really wasn't disappointed! It's great when you don't have much time to spend on getting a healthy glow (it can be such an ordeal with some products), and I love that you can shower it off almost immediately as I don't like the layer of product some tanning lotions leave on your skin. Definitely worth a go if you're short on time!
    • by Kayleigh | 29/01/2018
    • Gradual Tan in 1 Minute
    • No waiting for hours, no sticky skin, just lovely colour and ease of use!
    • by Rose Curran | 27/01/2018
    • Fabulously Easy!
    • Easy to apply, this is almost too good to be true! It goes on white, so it’s easy to see where you have put it - and where you haven’t! After you’ve showered, it leaves your skin feeling great, and the result is an incredibly natural looking tan. I love the in shower tanning products, and didn’t think I would be swayed, but this is just as easy and is quicker, so perfect for time short people. It’s revolutionary!
    • by Laura | 27/01/2018
    • Tan before the shower? Oh yes!
    • I have been lucky enough to receive this as part of the VIP Panel and WOW this product is the best yet!
      Easy to apply foam acts as a great guide, I left this on to develop whilst i brushed my teeth so was on for about 3 minutes instead of 1 left me with a lovely natural colour people at work asked if i had been away on a cheeky winter vacation abroad!

      St.Tropez you have done it again this is a must have for busy ladies and gents
    • by Andrea Brooks | 27/01/2018
    • The 1 Minute Wonder......Easy, Effortless & Exquisite
    • This product is a fab way of introducing a super easy & super speedy way to tan, suitable for even the most tan shy as results are initially subtle but buildable. However not to be completly discarded by the seasoned tanner, as it gives a truly brill technique for helping break out of hibernation mode by giving you that gentle glow to wake up that winter skin.
      I love that it can be fitted into your life routine without even trying. I still can't believe it only takes a minute. The rich mousse feels very decedent on application but I found that when it turns into a sheen it felt a tad tacky, nevertheless after that 1 minute window the shower reduces any sheen to a silky, smooth, refreshed & highly nourished finish.
      So NO excuse to overhaul your tan care & emerge in Spring with great looking re-charged skin.
    • by Mary Czolij | 26/01/2018
    • Another fantastic product from St Tropez!
    • I must admit I was a little sceptical when I first saw this product advertised but I tried it because I love the idea of a “quick fix” to my tan problems! I swear by the Express Tan Mousse but this is a close second for when I need a VERY quick fix! The feeling of the mousse on my skin was lovely! I tend to leave this product on a little longer than one minute to allow me to do other things in the bathroom in the morning. It leaves your skin nice and soft. Definitely worth a try!
    • by Lisa | 26/01/2018
    • Fantastic Product
    • A fantastic product, especially as I rarely get time to properly tan. Very easy to use, highly recommend
    • by Alice | 26/01/2018
    • 1 minute wonder!
    • You will rave about this product! Easy to apply velvety mousse that glides over the skin with a soft sheen that means you don't miss anywhere, leave for 1 minute and rinse. It's that easy, step out the shower with super soft skin and get on with your day, how incredible is this product to fit into your routine? It develops into a subtle natural glow that I find to be perfect for my fair skin tone. I'm hooked!
    • by Georgina Jacobs | 26/01/2018
    • Fabulous !
    • What can I say - Fabulous product..
      I have used this three times this week and very very impressed. I have very pale skin and noticed a gradual golden natural glow. Very easy to apply, the white mousse just melts into the skin, with a lovely soft feeling and no after smell. My friends and family have complemented me as well on my natural glow so would definitely recommend to anyone.
    • by Nina | 26/01/2018
    • Great for mum's on the run
    • This is so super quick and easy if you don't have the time to spend doing your tan.
      Would highly recommend
    • by Leah norris | 25/01/2018
    • So easy..great result.
    • Gone are the days when "fake" tans left you smelling strange and looking orange and streaky. New St Tropez everyday Pre Shower tanning mousse is fabulous..
      It's was quick easy to apply and absorbed in just one minute before I had my shower. Lovely smell as well. My skin has a lovely natural looking tan that is silky and smooth.So easy to fit into my daily routine..❤️Love it .!
    • by Susan Parkinson | 25/01/2018
    • So easy to use with excellent results
    • If the whole notion of fake tanning feels like a whole big rigmarole, then you need to try this product! It's so easy to use, develops quickly and is what I reach for if I'm looking to tan quickly and effectively. It's also really natural looking which is what I look for in a tanning product.
    • by Ellis | 25/01/2018
    • Fab product
    • This is one of the easiest tan products I have ever used. So quick and eady to apply. I like a deeper tan myself so I used it for 4 days and left it for 5 minutes. Lovely smell, easy to apply and I ended up with a beautiful natural sun kissed tan. I look so healthy.
    • by Lorraine | 25/01/2018
    • Fantastic!
    • I’m a lover of St Tropez products & this did not disappoint. Loved that the product was easy to apply, absorbed quickly into the skin & only needed to be left on for 1minute before getting in the shower. So quick & easy to fit in with my daily routine. Gave a really natural glow. Totally prefer this to the in shower tanning lotion.
    • by Emma | 25/01/2018
    • Super fast glow
    • The mousse formulation of this product makes it super easy to apply. It has a lovely scent which isn’t overpowering. It does exactly what it says on the tin - wait 1 minute after application before going in the shower and you get a lovely even buildable glow. Amazing, I love it!
    • by Samantha Jones | 25/01/2018
    • Total game changer
    • I honestly didn't think I'd like this product- it's so different to other tanning products I've used, and it applies as a white mousse (then to cream). It's easy to see where you've applied and it smells great. If, like me, you aren't used to a product like this, it may take more than one application to apply correctly or to achieve the colour result you're after. Definitely stick with it though, it results in a lovely golden glow, and looks really natural. I'm quite impressed and will definitely buy this again.
    • by Kayleigh Mogridge | 25/01/2018
    • Game Changer.
    • Well this is amazing, tan in a minute? Yes please!
      The mousse is easily applied, gliding on smoothly and by the time I sorted my towels out and had the shower on it was done! Shower as normal and let the mousse do it's (quite frankly brilliant) work.
      I hate that sticky feeling some tans leave and often worry they're rubbing off but with this you don't have to worry. It's also great that it's easy to use as often as you want so you are in control of the depth of tan.
      Full marks for ease of use, an even tan, it left my skin feeling moisturised and no more tanned bedding!
      Thank you St.Tropez, this stuff is perfect.
    • by Dagmar | 25/01/2018
    • Quick and easy...
    • Quick and easy to use when your in a rush. And it's less messy than most. Love the smell on this one . Great for a pretty glow .
    • by Wendy | 25/01/2018
    • Game changer
    • This is amazing. So quick and easy! Even quicker than the in shower gradual tan. Perfect for a subtle glow at this time of year.
    • by Kristy | 23/01/2018
    • Must Have!
    • WOW, So happy with the results of this!

      It is super easy to apply and fits in perfectly with my daily routine! I looked so natural but yet still golden. Definitely my new fave :)

    • by Layan | 22/01/2018
    • Thank you!
    • This has got to be the best tan on the market! For anyone who says they have no time to tan.... this is your new best friend!! Great colour over just a few days, and so easy to apply!
      Thank you for bringing this out!
    • by Rosslyn Orr | 21/01/2018
    • The most advanced Gradual Tan ever
    • The St Tropez 1 Minute Pre-Shower Tan is the most advanced Tanning product I’ve used. Firstly when applying this white fluffy mousse it melts into your skin like a rich body butter, it feels silky soft and absorbs in within 1 minute. I like to leave it on for upto 5 minutes, during this time I can shave and brush my teeth then hop into the shower! After rinsing the mousse off it leaves your skin feeling incredible! It is much quicker to build up a tan using this vs the In Shower Tanning Lotions! I would recommend using the In Shower Lotion when you have more time to pamper yourself but after using the Pre-Shower mousse I can see why you would want to opt for this instead of the Lotion. All in all this product is the most advanced product in self tanning to this day. The colour it provides is even, looks totally natural and is so quick to use that there is now no excuse not to look golden all year round! Well done St Tropez, this product truly is a game changer!
    • by Daniel | 17/01/2018
    • My new go-to product!
    • I love how quick and easy this is to apply, especially as I don't have much time in the mornings! This is now my go-to product in the mornings to build in a natural golden tan!
    • by Elizabeth | 15/01/2018
    • Brilliant application and consistency!
    • The way this goes on is so easy, the white guide colour means you can see where you have put it and then you don't end up missing patches! So easy and fuss-free, love that I don't end up smelling all day and it can be built up throughout the week!

    • by jessica barnett | 15/01/2018
    • So quick to use!
    • This product is amazing! The mousse absorbs into the skin super quick! Then I brush my teeth and hop into the shower - fits in perfectly with my daily routine and no waiting around in the cold for tan to dry! - LOVE IT
    • by Eva | 15/01/2018
    • Amazing!!
    • This is the perfect tan product for someone who wants a natural looking glow and it's so easy to use!
    • by Emily | 11/01/2018
    • New fave!
    • Literally a saviour - I never find enough time to always tan as I gym everyday but this means now I can pop it on quickly before I shower. It's sooo easy to use!!
    • by Eliza S | 11/01/2018
    • So easy to fit into my routine!
    • I've always loved the idea of fake tanning but I'm always too busy and scared of it being orange - this is a game changer! I can quickly apply it before the shower and the colour is so natural! It was very subtle at first which I loved as I was nervous to try it, having new used fake tan before, but now I'm hooked!
    • by Holly | 11/01/2018
    • Love this tan!!
    • So quick and easy to use! Gave me a really natural looking tan and is definitely buildable over multiple uses. So easy to add into my day to day routine. Love it!!
    • by Sarah | 10/01/2018
    • Love it
    • Love this product so much! I love having a tan, but I'm not the most confident tanner and only really use self-tan when I have a party or am going out. But this is so easy to use everyday to get some colour. I've used it three days this week, and the colour has gradually built up to a natural-looking tan (similar to how my skin looks during the summer). Super easy and quick!
    • by Lucy | 10/01/2018
    • Fab gradual tan!
    • Super easy to apply, great for when in a rush! Perfect for my pale skin as can build up my tan and don't risk going too dark. Highly recommend for busy women with little time to tan!
    • by Ellie | 09/01/2018
    • Best tan for my pale skin
    • I have really pale skin and this is a dream come true for pasty girls like me! A really natural and buildable tan that I can use everyday. I apply it every morning before I jump in the shower, after day one I could already see a very subtle but noticeable colour, by day 3 I got a really lovely, natural looking tan. Definitely would recommend to anyone who's naturally fair and just want to take the edge off. Super easy to use it only takes a minute!
    • by Jessica | 04/01/2018


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