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Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion 200ml:

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Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion 200ml

Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion 200ml

Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion 200ml

SKU# 100013053

(In stock)

Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion 200ml is available for purchase in increments of 1
    • For an instant hint of bronze that illuminates the skin
    • Gradually builds to create a healthy sunkissed glow
    • Instant skin perfecting coverage to blur imperfections
    • Reapply daily, or as desired, to build your depth of tan
    • Lightweight, streak-free and easy to apply
    • No self tan smell, with our new mood-boosting fragrance

Description & How To Apply


Our New Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion gives an instant hint of bronze that illuminates the skin, whilst gradually building a healthy sunkissed glow. This lightweight, ultra-hydrating body lotion is easy to apply, quick-drying and suitable for all skin tones.

How to apply

Step 1: Apply daily, or as desired, to clean, dry skin in an upward circular motion.
Step 2: Ensure all areas are covered and lightly glide any excess lotion over your hands and feet. Wash hands after application.
Step 3: Wait until touch dry before getting dressed.
Step 4: Allow 4-8 hours before getting wet.
Step 5: Exfoliate regularly to maintain your tan and top-up as desired.


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    • St tropez gradual tan tinted
    • Fantastic product, tried all there is out on the market and this is by far the best!! Everyone I meet have said, u just back holidays you look great!! U have a lovely tan.
    • by Lorna | 17/05/2017
    • Very disappointing product
    • Very dissspointed with this tanning lotion very thick and difficult to rub in, very uneven finish doesn't go on very well at all I usually buy a cheaper alternative which is much much nicer decided to treat myself to a premium one but WILL NOT purchase again totally let down.
    • by Lesley | 15/05/2017
    • Hey Lesley, we are really sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this product! If you speak to our CS team they will be happy to guide you to finding your ultimate tan.
    • Incredible Product!
    • Why can't all products be *this* good?

      I've always found fake tans to be smelly, streaky, and get trapped in my pores - especially after shaving/waxing. This tinted gradual tan smells beautiful, the tint offers an easy-application guide to avoid steaks and missing out the back of arms/legs, and the colour is surprisingly rich and long lasting. On top of that, I don't get anxious exfoliating in the shower because the colour stays on so well.

      All in all, absolutely incredible! Has completely changed the way I look at fake tan!
    • by Timea | 20/04/2017
    • The best!
    • This is the best gradual tanning lotion I have ever used. Smells great and even on first application you get a lovely base colour, which you can top up. FAB.
    • by samantha davidson | 09/03/2017
    • Masters of Tan bring out another must-have!
    • Beautiful product, I have tried every gradual tan under the sun and this one goes onto the skin beautifully, doesn't smell like a digestive biscuit and brings me out in a lovely colour - the extra tint helps me in my time of need when I need a natural glow! Beauty must-have! x
    • by Katie Blythe | 07/12/2016
    • Gradual Tan
    • Amazing, colour is fab and so easy to apply.
    • by Natalie Quinn | 24/11/2016
    • Love It
    • I have been trying self tanning products for over 30 years and I have tried a lot of bad ones. I have turned my skin orange, super dark and mostly streaked, nothing that looked natural. With St.Tropez I love the colour, very natural looking and also very easy to apply. I have used it on my face and found that I applied way to much to start but it was very easy to spread over my entire face.
    • by Lorraine Tutte | 29/07/2016
    • This product rocks!
    • Not only am I new to the world of self tanning but also to the world leader in it, St. Tropez. I saw this product on QVC and purchased a bottle. Great results. I'm in love with this product and will be recommending it to everyone I know.
    • by Victoria | 08/07/2016
    • My Perfect Tan
    • I'm so fair that I have found it really hard to find a faux tan that looks good. I'm really pleased with this product and have the best colour I have ever had. Although the cream is thick, I like this as I find it is easier to see if I've missed anywhere.
    • by Cara | 13/06/2016
    • Fabulous
    • I have used many St Tropez products and liked them all but this is my new favourite. I like the tint - you can see where it is going. I like the smell which is not lingering. Best of all I like the result which is a gradual, glowing and subtle tan. I use this almost every day. Highly recommended.
    • by heather leith | 08/06/2016
    • I've fallen in love!!
    • I have always struggled to find a fake tan that is easy to apply, smear free and doesn't have that nasty fake smell. However this tan ticks all the boxes! I am constantly receiving compliments on how my tan looks so healthy and natural... I feel like I've been on holiday for a week or two! I applied the St.Tropez tan optimiser body polish before the tan and the result was fabulous!! I have a beautiful glow and soft, smooth skin as well! Would definitely recommend to a friend, an absolute summer essential.
    • by Haley Adams | 02/06/2016
    • Love the colour
    • Very pleased. I love the colour I have off just my first application. However I don't like how thick the cream feels on my skin.
    • by Beki | 26/04/2016
    • Finally a tan I can use!
    • I hate fake tan so always choose a gradual tan to avoid those patchy bits or brown sheets. This one I love, as has no horrible fake tan smell and leaves your skin feeling velvety! Would give it 5 stars however its a bit stiff so doesn't spread over your skin very well like a moisturiser, meaning you have to use quite a lot of it.
    • by Lauren | 20/04/2016
    • Amazing!!
    • This is such a generous sized bottle. The tan itself is coloured so you can see a difference as you are applying it, after a few uses it looks like you have been on a good holiday!
      It is very easy to apply and also the texture is really nice compared to others that I have used. There is no unpleasant 'biscuity' smell that other self-tans have. Overall, a really lovely product that I recommend!!
    • by Rachel Burns | 04/03/2016
    • Amazing
    • Tested this product and can say I absolutely love it. Brings on a really nice even tan that gradually appears I only had to put it on once to see a difference and after 2 applications it was perfect. It doesn't smell as much as other products and is becoming my favourite.
    • by Michelle Higgins | 04/03/2016
    • Tan I've been waiting for
    • I've always wanted a tan that didn't take up all my time to apply. The Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion is the answer to my tanning prayers! Just one application and I woke up to a wonderful glow. I only wish the weather was warm enough so I can ditch my tights and show off my amazingly tanned legs!
    • by Kelly Marie | 29/02/2016
    • A absolute treat for the skin
    • I love the way my skin looks and feels after using this product! I went to bed with pasty, dull looking skin and woke up the next morning with a gorgeous sunkissed glow. I'm addicted!
    • by Naomi-lewish | 29/02/2016
    • gradual tan
    • Bought this product to see if this would give me a healthy glow as I am so pale and always look ill. This Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion is easy to use and now look healthy without looking fake. Will definitely buy this again. Would like a handbag size.
    • by susan | 26/02/2016
    • My Favourite Self Tanner
    • I've tried both this and the Gradual Tan Classic and have to say for me, this product has the edge due to being tinted.
      Super product, I'd say a thick cream rather than a lotion, which leaves you with nicely hydrated skin, no sticky feel and quick to dry. The fragrance is lovely, such a nice change from other "digestive biscuit" smelling products! Easy to apply due to the tint, be sure to wash your palms afterwards though or use a tanning mitt.
      After one application I saw great results, no patchiness, a nice even glowing tan which lasted a couple of days. Pre-holiday I think I would apply this for 4 or 5 days to give an amazing tan. Highly recommend.
    • by Sarah Fawcett | 20/02/2016
    • Perfect pre holiday tan builder
    • I love this product. On top of building an even, streak free tan, the product is quite thick and feels lovely on the skin. I started using the tan on the Monday and by Saturday I had a really healthy, non processed looking tan without any patchiness. It is tinted which means you benefit immediately. Be sure to wash your palms and concentrate on the area between your fingers as it does build up here if you're not careful. This is my go to pre-holiday product.
    • by Alice Conolly | 16/02/2016
    • Love this - the self-tan product I've been waiting for!
    • Really surprised by this: it is AMAZING. Goes on like a lovely moisturising, smooth body lotion, that smells great and is a fabulous instant bronze-y colour that develops into a really nice, natural, sun-kissed glow. I put some on before I went out, with the usual pale, dry winter skin and I felt instantly 100 times better. Well done St Tropez, I'll be buying this lots for sure!
    • by Tess | 08/02/2016
    • A surprising must have!
    • I was fairly sceptical that I would have a use for this tinted body lotion, wrong! I love it, it gives a brilliant skin tone evening effect, especially on the legs. I put this on before bed and the next morning it had developed into a really lovely golden glow, for some reason I wasn't expecting it to be as dark as it was but it was perfect for my skin tone. It sunk into my skin quickly too and left a velvety feel to my skin. The only reason I have given four stars rather than five is that the lotion is rather thick meaning it doesn't spread as easily and therefore you have to use more of it, other than that I was impressed, maybe in the future there will be different tones available (light, medium, dark etc). Would definitely recommend for the blemish covering bonus.
    • by Adele | 02/02/2016
    • Lovely sun kissed glow!
    • Perfect for all pale girls! This gives the skin a lovely sun kissed glow instead of a full blown tan so therefore it's impossible to go overboard or make mistakes with. A great start for a tanning newbie who may be a little scared at the thought of tanning!
    • by Laura | 02/02/2016
    • So natural
    • I've tried and tested this and love it , it smells gorgeous and last for ages and gives me a nice glow
    • by Emma Richardson | 01/02/2016
    • Just love it!
    • Thank You for giving to me the opportunity to try this product. Never tried anything like this before and was very surprised that it is realy easy to use it. After one time of practice I could put it evenly on my skin. Natural colour made my white skin light tanned. But mostly I like the texture and that it made my dry skin looks more healthy.
    • by Jelizaveta Jevsejenko | 31/01/2016
    • Amazing!
    • Loved this gradual tan. No unpleasant smell and nice consistency! Only comment, would loved for colour to be little deeper. Overall fabulous!!
    • by Zoe Seymour | 31/01/2016
    • fabulous product
    • The first thing i noticed about this was that the smell was lovely. Most fake tans have a recogonisable aroma but not this was sweet smelling, it glides on beautifully and is tinted so not only can you see where you have put it , it gives you a lovely glow whilst waiting for it to work. I could see a glow after only a couple of applications.Also as other people have pointed out it dries really quickly so you can apply then get dressed quickly.
    • by vicky | 31/01/2016
    • Fabulous
    • This is the best tinted body lotion I have tried ever. It gives a lovely natural tan with no streaks. To top it off it smells lovely, not like the normal yukky self tan smell. Im converted!
    • by kelly mobbs | 31/01/2016
    • Perfect for a quick, all over tan!
    • WOW! This product is absolutely amazing and great if you're wanting the tanned look but without having to wait all day! I loved how silky smooth this felt upon application and it gave me an instant glow with a nice golden colour which wasn't too over the top. Any imperfections just seem to fade away giving you perfect looking skin without blemishes. It's fast drying so you don't have much waiting time before being able to get dressed and doesn't have an overpowering fake tan smell so you won't be paranoid! I also noticed that the colour didn't fade throughout the day or rub off onto my clothes. I used this for a few days in a row to provide a deeper, but still natural looking tan. Definitely one I'll be using again and the results are perfect when you use the tanning application mitt.
    • by Elaine Kirkup | 31/01/2016
    • Lovely colour
    • I have quite pale skin so wanted to just have a slight sunkissed look rather than an orange tan. This product gave me a lovely colour, was easy to apply and only needed one coat for my desired effect. If i was going out for the evening, I could easily top this up though to give me a deeper, yet natural colour. The product did take quite a while to dry though
    • by cheryl lovell | 31/01/2016
    • Excellent tan
    • Loved my tan after using this, easy to apply and no streaks. Will use this all the time!!!
    • by Kayleigh | 31/01/2016
    • Perfect for a healthy glow
    • I love how you can build up the colour of your desired tan with this product without overdoing the colour on your first go, that is the main reason I love St Tropez Gradual tan range, this everyday tinted body moisturiser has left my skin so soft, with a really healthy looking colour. I am quite pale so have to be careful that I don't look orange so this gradual range is perfect for fair skinned girls who want to build up their tans slowly! So impressed!
    • by Rebecca Duffy | 30/01/2016
    • Love, love, love !
    • This is the first time I have tried St Tropez tinted gradual tan, I like the fact that it's tinted for two main reasons, I can see that it's not streaky and I look glowing straight away ! Over the course of a week I put it on every other day after my shower and I have had loads of comments, asking if I'd been away on holiday etc, it really is that natural looking. I also have two other reasons I love this gradual tan, it doesn't smell of the horrid strong fake tan biscuity smell, it has a subtle smell which is more perfumed and pleasant ! I also love this tan because it doesn't come off when I sweat in the gym ! Loads of times I've had other brands that end up patchy and leaving my clothes and towels stained, this hasn't moved since I applied it !!
    • by Nicola Biven | 29/01/2016
    • Fab product
    • Gives a lovely glow to my winter skin and much needed hydration to my skin a little of the tint go's a long way. Fab colour ,fresh smell and no colour transfer to clothes or bedding. Great if in a rush and in need of a tan for night out as the lotion dry's quickly and gives an instant colour
    • by Maria Edwards | 29/01/2016
    • AMAZING!
    • I was excited to try this new product as I like to do a full dark tan once a week and wanted a product that could top this up during the week without being excessive - this did not disappoint! The bottle is a gorgeous rose gold colour and looks good on the shelf with my other lotions and potions! The texture of the product is quite thick so you won't need to worry about any drips or using a mitt like you would with other lotions. It does have a scent but it is very pleasant and smells a bit like talc so you can use this in the morning and head out without becoming odorous throughout the day! The colour is gorgeous, very natural but what I really like is that it seemed to even out my own colour and any blemishes - the back of my arms can be a bit red but this almost concealed it and made my skin look flawless! I use this now once a week just to top up my tan, its perfect for this, it would be too light for me to use on it's own unless I was up for applying it on a more regular basis. If you want to maintain your tan all week or have a very natural colour, this is perfect for you!
    • by Louise Moore | 29/01/2016
    • Loved it!
    • I love how the tinted body lotion was a gradual tan that was natural looking rather than looking orange and fake! I'm really surprised how good the colour pay off came out on my already naturally tanned skin. Another thing to point out is the fact that the lotion dried really quickly which is a plus especially if you're in a rush to get dressed. It truly is wonderful from the smell to the texture to the actual colour however I don't agree with the fact that it is ultra hydrating which is a real shame but that's most probably because I have insanely dry skin hence why I took off a star as the product is meant to be a lotion but other than that I love the product.
    • by Tahsin | 29/01/2016
    • Top up your tan!
    • This gradual tan is great when you just want a hint of colour or want to top up the tan you already have (self tan or when you're back from holiday!). It makes the skin feel soft and I noticed a good difference in colour after just a few days of application. No where near as dark as the original mousse or express mousse but less high maintenance - good for topping up what you have, for self-tan-newbies and people looking for subtle colour they can control.
    • by Victoria | 27/01/2016
    • Beautiful Glow
    • I'm normally a classic tan fan but was looking forward to trying this one. Love the fact it's tinted so it's easy to tell where you've rubbed it in. Went on beautifully and skin felt lovely and soft, sank in well and didn't feel tacky at all. Gave a subtle glow straight away and lasted 5 days before fading. Would definately recommend this product.
    • by Mandy Robson | 26/01/2016
    • Gradual Not Intense
    • This product is perfect if you want a gradual natural looking tan rather than the instant full on fake ones you can get.
      As it is built-up it suits my skin better and it smells delicious, like a normal body lotion rather than the tanning smell you can sometimes get.

      It is easy to get out of the bottle, and glides on the skin easily and also rubs in well, leaving a nice glow and sheen to the skin.
    • by Debbie Louise Davies | 24/01/2016
    • Suits Me Perfectly
    • I'm fair and freckly, so I like to look sunkissed, but not tanned. This product suited me perfectly as on just one application it gives a light and even glow. I don't like to look as if I've tried too hard and this gentle product is just the ticket. I found it easy to apply and it doesn't smell strongly of biscuits. I will feel confident using this, knowing I won't look streaky or overdone.
    • by Christine Dodd | 24/01/2016
    • Fantastic gradual tan product
    • I had never tried a gradual tanner before but was very impressed with this one. It was easy to apply, I was worried that it might be streaky but it went on easily and gave a lovely colour on my fair skin. If I need an instant colour that's not too dark this product is perfect and it does build up to give a deeper colour when I used it across a few days.
    • by Susan Robertson | 23/01/2016
    • Great product
    • I'm really impressed with this body tan. It glided onto my skin like a dream and the result was a lovely natural bronze colour after just one application. It was easy to apply and absorbed into the skin quickly leaving it silky and moisturised without any stickiness. My legs look great and good enough to bare even though it's January!
    • by Susan Parkinson | 22/01/2016
    • Great colour , with a healthy glow !!!
    • This is a great product to introduce you into the fake tan way of life. It glides on super easy with a lovely soft finish. It has a wonderful scent and gives you that glow which you crave. The colour is perfect and easy to gain a flawless coverage. This is a brilliant all rounder, this is a must have product !!!!
    • by Linzi Cypher | 21/01/2016
    • Wonderful product 10/10
    • This is the best tinted body lotion I have tried. It gives a great natural gradual colour with no streaks and smells wonderful.
    • by Lorraine Anderson | 21/01/2016
    • Fabulous! Essential to tan regime
    • Normally I use the standard tan lotion however this everyday tan lotion is perfect to build a gradual tan. The lotion itself is tinted, so it is extremely easy to see where you have applied. It feels unbelievably moisturising, after application your skin feels soft and supple but it absorbs it straight away. There is no distinguishing or lasting tan smell; if anything it smells faintly of love heart sweets. So you can apply morning noon or night.

      Colour wise, it is a lovey natural colour that you build on. I use it all over my body as part of daily routine especially when a full tan application seems too much of a hassle! this is quick, easy and effective
    • by Lucy | 20/01/2016
    • Biscuity colour, not scent!
    • I'm super pale, so I'm often quite apprehensive about fake tan. But I'm extremely pleasantly surprised by this product! The tint makes it easy to see where you've already applied it, and it doesn't have the terrible biscuity smell that so many lower quality fake tans are known for. I mostly use fake tan for a healthy glow rather than for deep colour, and this is buildable, so it's perfect for everything from a subtle wash of gold to a deeper tan.
    • by Kayleigh Tanner | 19/01/2016
    • Quick and easy to use
    • I love the fact that this product is quickly absorbed and gives a great tan with a gradual even fade. A great introduction to fake tan for those with any apprehension. Try it and you will not look back!
    • by DMC | 19/01/2016


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