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Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion 200ml, Light

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Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion 200ml, Light

Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion 200ml, Light

Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion 200ml, Light

SKU# 100009944

    • The original for a light sunkissed glow
    • For a natural, sunkissed glow, that gradually builds.
    • Apply for 3 consecutive days to achieve a healthy looking tan
    • Reapply daily, as part of your daily shower routine, or as desired, to build your depth of tan
    • Contains Sweet Almond Oil for up to 24 hour hydration
    • Streak-free and easy to apply

Description & How To Apply


Our best-selling lotion, for a natural, sunkissed glow. This nourishing lotion gradually builds in just 3 minutes, as part of your daily shower regime. Apply for 3 consecutive days to achieve a healthy looking tan to suit all skin tones.

Patent Pending UK: 1501429.6

How to apply

Step 1: Fully cleanse and wash in a warm shower.
Step 2: With the shower off, generously apply the product to wet skin in circular motions with your hands to create an even coverage. Wash palms after application.
Step 3: Wait 3 minutes.
Step 4: Fully rinse off with warm water only.
Step 5: Gently dry yourself, before getting dressed. After showering, the self-tan actives will naturally start to work, developing gradually and deepening with regular reapplication within the shower.


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    • Worked perfectly
    • I love this product. I'm dry olive toned and tan easily but I don't really get time in the sun plus I don't want to damage my skin. So I am fairly pale. This has given me a great colour to my skin and worked well with my olive tone. I'd recommend checking areas that may take to it better and are darker so when you reapply, focus on the areas that aren't as dark. For example, my neck wad very dark in comparison to everywhere else so when reapplying, I left my neck out until I matched more. Someone said it didn't work in the reviews - this is for pale skin. If you are already medium or between light and medium, this isn't going to change your colour much. There is a medium to dark option. This does not give you a very tanned look, it gives a healthy glow to the skin with a hint of colour. Don't mistaken it for something that will make you darker. If you're like me and don't want to do the extreme or worried it would look silly on you, this is perfect.
    • by Paula | 27/08/2017
    • St tropez shower tan Medium
    • Very disappointed, used for 7 days and eventually had the smallest most insignificant change in colour by which time the bottle was empty. I followed the instructions to the letter.

      Perhaps a very dark shade would work however the medium is far too light, may work if you are very fair skinned. Certainly wont be wasting money on this again.

      Brilliant idea though if tweaked.
    • by Laura | 16/05/2017
    • Hi Laura, so sorry to hear this, the In Shower Light is intended for a light sunkissed glow, for a deeper tan you can try our In Shower Lotion in Medium.
    • Shockingly Impressed
    • I was very sceptical at first so waited a while before I tried this out... it still took a few minutes to put down my usual choice of the mousse down and take a risk, but I must say I LOVE IT! I have been using this for over a week now and have only needed to apply 2 days in a row for perfect glow. Only downfall is the size of the bottle. I only got 3 applications from one bottle but luckily bought 2
    • by Elisha Timmins | 19/04/2017
    • Gradual shower tan Medium
    • FANTASTIC! There isn't a fake tan product on the market I haven't tried. This one is by far the best! Yes it's a gradual tan so it takes time however not a streak in sight and Very Natural! I have a quick shower before bed, slap it on, do some squats and then rinse dry without a towel pop my pj's on and get into bed! PERFECT.....
    • by Miranda Beba | 04/02/2017
    • Definitely recommend you to St Tropez they're the best!
    • My first time use gradual tan in shower lotion, after hearing negative things about tan leaving you looking orange BUT not St Tropez!! Most fantastic products I have ever used, still buying from them and trying other products.
      The prices is about right because of the quality and fantastic result in the end compared to other brand products.

      DEFINITELY recommend you going for St.Tropez only.
    • by Nina | 08/11/2016
    • Best tan I have ever used
    • I have only been using this product for three days but I can already see a lovely tan. My arms are a lovely colour, my pale see-through legs may need an extra application but on the whole I'm not streaky so very pleased! So easy to use just follow the instructions, there's only a slight hint of the normal tan smell.
      I'm normally terrible at applying tan and wasn't sure on how this would even work in the shower but it does. Perfect for fair skin especially. Well done St.Tropez, already recommended to my equally pale sister!
    • by Kelly | 29/08/2016
    • dissapointing
    • I read so many great reviews from many websites that sell this product so i thought i'd give it a go. I have tried so many gradual tanners as I am fair skinned and having a spray tan makes me look like a tangerine. When I have used gradual tanning products they leave streaks or I am more browner in areas than others. When i read the reviews i knew i had to try St.Tropez In Shower. I followed the instructions and plastered it all over. I used this product for 5 consecutive days and nothing happened, not even a tint of color or glow. I guess it just doesn't work for everyone. I even left it on for 5 minutes instead of the 3 and continued to apply. However it must work somehow as when i did the patch test i didn't wash it off i just left a tiny bit on my arm and it went a nice brown after a few hours, just doesn't work in the shower like it says it does. All I can say its a good job it was on offer.
    • by Becky | 11/08/2016
    • Hi Becky

      Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your opinion. We are so sorry to hear that you did not enjoy using this product. The Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Light helps you build a light, sunkissed glow. However if this is too light for you then try our NEW Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion. It is now available in a darker shade, great if you found the original too light and want a deeper glow.

      Our Customer Care team is always on hand to help with any product queries or issues, if you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact them for more information.

      Thank you,

      St.Tropez Team
    • Fair skinned and now happy!
    • I've been using this product for ages and find it works brilliant for me. I have had two moles removed (luckily they've been fine), and being fair skinned I really try to keep out of the sun as much as I can. This, unfortunately, means I don't have that lovely golden summer glow. Using this every other day has worked great for me. I just put it on, wait the three minutes, rinse off and it's done. No mess, no streaks, not too much of a smell. It's only a light tan, but I am happy with that, as it looks natural rather than fake. Great product. Well done!
    • by Karen | 20/07/2016
    • Excellent
    • I bought this because 3 mins wait for a light tan seemed perfect (I normally use other St Tropez products which I custom blend with my body lotion). I followed the instructions for this product and by the third consecutive night I had a beautiful golden (light) tan, no streaks, no smell - perfect! I got a 3 for the price of 2 offer so when I've used all 3 tubes I'll definitely be buying the same product but in the medium colour.
      This product is really very good.
    • by Anne B | 19/07/2016
    • Waste of money
    • I used this product for 7 days, leaving on for at least 6 minutes each time. It did nothing! There was no hint of a tan.
      It's a shame because the product glides on easily and covers evenly.
      It does not work at all.
    • by Emma | 05/07/2016
    • Hi Emma,

      Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you did not get the results you were looking for. To get best results from In Shower we would like to suggest the following:

      • Make sure your skin is properly prepared before use. Exfoliation/shaving/waxing should be performed at least 24 hours prior to application
      • Try to avoid body washes and moisturisers that include oil-this can affect the way your tan develops
      • Start with your legs and apply the cream in circular motions, moving up along your body and applying generously to all parts of your body
      • Ensure that the cream is left on for the full three minutes. Perhaps set a timer or put on your favourite song.
      • Whilst waiting for the time to pass, take the opportunity to go over the application areas by massaging the cream in again
      • Pat, rather than wipe, your skin dry after you rinse off

      Our Customer Care team is always on hand to help with any product queries or issues, if you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact them for more information.

      Thank you,
      St.Tropez Team
    • Great gradual tan
    • I bought this self tan for a leavers event and it has been amazing! I only bought it the day before but I've had about 3 showers using this bottle and it definitely made a difference to my skin colour! This is great, the only issue is the slightly fake tanny smell you get after a few hours after the shower, but its not over powering and definitely manageable! Best thing yet is that it doesn't wash off like the other fake tans I have used, this means I'm not scared to get splashed with water or caught in the rain AMAZING!
    • by Evie | 30/06/2016
    • Patience
    • I have very very fair skin to the point of being white. I don't tan very well and I am not a fake tan expert. However I read the good and bad reviews and decided to go for it myself. All I can say is be patient, follow the instructions and it does work wonderfully. After the first application I couldn't see a difference but persevered and used it every other day and within a week I had a lovely golden glow with no streaks and no hassle. I don't think it would work well on darker skin but for me it's perfect.
    • by Debbie Dawes | 17/06/2016
    • Subtle tan
    • Used this product 3 days in a row so far. I'm vampire white so it has actually made a difference to my colouring. Quite subtle but definitely a difference. The 3 mins in the cold is a bore but it's only 3 mins!! I've just ordered the darker one so I'm looking forward to the results.
    • by Stacey | 14/06/2016
    • Best tan I have used..
    • I have tried a lot of fake tans and this one is by far the best!! No streaks or patches on my dry areas... Will defiantly be using it again.. Brilliant
    • by Helen Poole | 03/06/2016
    • Disappointed.
    • I was really looking forward to using this product as a mum I don't have much time!... However Im on the 5th application, and I haven't seen the result I was expecting. I am pale so was cautious on using the darker one. I haven't seen a difference at all! I'm used to using my usual gradual tan-Palmers moisturizer, which always works. But it's hassle and doesn't smell great! Which is why I chose to go for somthing quick and different!
      I would like to try the darker one but I'm not keen on spending another £15.
    • by Hayley | 16/05/2016
    • Hi Hayley,

      Thank you for your feedback and we are so sorry to hear that you did not enjoy using this product. The Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Light helps you build a light, sunkissed glow, so if you are looking for a deeper bronze, our Bronzing Mousse that you love is perfect for that. Or if you would like to stick to using a gradual tan then try our Gradual Tan Tinted, perfect for a buildable glow.

      However the light version of our Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is now available in a darker shade, great if you found the original too light and want a deeper glow.

      Our Customer Care team is always on hand to help with any product queries or issues, if you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact them for more information.

      Thank you,

      St.Tropez Team
    • Pale Skin Saviour
    • After trying every fake tan product possible (and many disasters), I have finally found one that is perfect! After just 3 days of using In Shower, I have a fantastic streak free, no nasty smell, natural looking tan! I can't believe it. It is by far the easiest and best tanning product I have ever used. I do have exceptionally pale skin so was expecting streaks, but none at all.
    • by Rachel | 10/05/2016
    • Waste of money
    • I have fair skin and I have used this product now for 7days. It is rubbish, I can't see any change in colour. I also don't feel fresh when I come out of the shower.

      I understand it works for some so this is just my review on it.

      I got this on a buy one get one free offer at boots. For my second product I brought the gradual tan. This is also not what I thought it would be.

      I am very disappointed as I use St.Tropez bronzing mousse and I love it.
    • by Amanda Burdon | 10/05/2016
    • Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for your feedback and we are so sorry to hear that you did not enjoy using this product. The Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Light helps you build a light, sunkissed glow, so if you are looking for a deeper bronze, our Bronzing Mousse that you love is perfect for that. Also, this product is not meant to replace your usual shower gel, we recommend that you wash as usual prior to applying the In Shower Lotion.

      However the light version of our Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is now available in a darker shade, great if you found the original too light and want a deeper glow.

      Our Customer Care team is always on hand to help with any product queries or issues, if you would like to discuss further please feel free to contact them for more information.

      Thank you,

      St.Tropez Team
    • A miracle product for me!
    • I tried this product based on some articles I'd seen online on tanning for pale skin. I have red hair, very pale skin and freckles so as you can imagine, any normal tanning products or spray tans come off really streaky and too drastic for my complexion so I never bothered with it and constantly just covered up on the beach and in the summer. I tried this product though and it has been such a confidence booster, it is really slight at first leaving a golden glow then is easily built up, but it's not too drastic at all and is easy and streak free! I would definitely recommend it for very pale people and it has been such a great product for me , will definitely carry on using it- I just hope they don't discontinue it or change the formula at all! As long as you follow the instructions it works really well!
    • by Beth F | 06/04/2016
    • Question
    • Love the product but i have two showers a day, one on a night when i apply the lotion and one in a morning after I've been the gym. It's around 12 hours after I've applied the lotion i go to the gym and then shower again, will this affect my tan?
    • by Adam | 01/04/2016
    • Shower lotion.
    • So excited to try this product as im rubbish with self tanning I thought this would be a good change. I found it so easy to use & felt confident it would come out streak free........5 days later after using 4 times & NOTHING !!
      Not even a glow :-(
      I'm doing exactly what it says, so upset it hasn't worked properly. Now I'm reading people had same issue !! I thought about trying a different one but not so confident I want to part with more money :-(
    • by Gemma | 28/03/2016
    • Great for a natural tan
    • As a person who has used every possible tan I can say when I saw this arrive on the shelves I was very excited.. What could be better then a three minute tan?! This tan did not disappoint, I had my normal shower and then at the end I applied my tan and left it for three minutes. I woke up in the morning with a beautifully non streaky tan. I would warn anyone using this tan that it is a gradual, so for those wanting an instant dark bronze look this may not be the tan for you, however for those who are happy to build a tan over a few applications this is a great product. The main tip for applying this tan would be make sure you spend a couple of minutes massaging the product into your skin before you start your three minute count down; as I have found by rubbing it into the skin a bit more then just lightly applying will give you better results. Overall I found this to be the best gradual tan I have used and will definitely be buying another bottle.
    • by Katie | 19/03/2016
    • Dissapointed
    • I was so excited at the thought of this product as the idea of not using gradual tan moisturiser after my daily shower was very appealing!
      I was however very disappointed with the lack of results after using the product. I literally saw no difference whatsoever.

      It is shame that the results were not as expected, especially with the price being paid for the product.
      I also felt that the lotion itself did not go very far, therefore resulting in a large amount being used each time.

    • by Emma | 09/03/2016
    • How times have changed
    • I think this is an amazing concept, hopefully no streaks, smelling like biscuits and brown sheets are going to be a thing of my past.

      I am awaiting my delivery, but I have reviewed the negative comments, could this be that they are taking the product off whilst towel drying?
    • by Lisa Wright | 07/03/2016
    • Best gradual tan
    • I have very fair skin and am not a fan of gradual tan lotions so thought I'd give this a go. I've used it every other day for a week (three applications) and I've got a better tan than I had after a week in Greece!! Natural, streak free, quick and easy to use. Only downside is it does still have that fake tan smell. However, I wouldn't use any other fake tan now I've tried this! Love it.
    • by Naomi | 02/03/2016
    • Highly disappointed
    • Hello,

      I am not one to usually complain but I am very disappointed with this product. I was really excited to use this and get a natural healthy glow but after 4 applications this has not changed my appearance in anyway. For a St Tropez product this is awful. I followed the guidelines exactly and am surprised at how others have got results!? What could I be doing so wrong.

      I won't be purchasing again.
    • by Elizabeth | 19/02/2016
    • Hello Elizabeth,
      We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with this product. However we're keen to hear more and help where we can, so if you can let our Customer Service team know we'll be happy to look in to this for you. Team St.Tropez
    • Quality
    • Great product
    • by Jason | 05/02/2016
    • no difference??
    • applied this every day and it didn't seem to develop whatsoever? Waste of money. I decided to ditch it and go straight back to your fake tanning lotion and mouse instead of trying for a more gradual look. Not pleased with this experience as I really did have high hopes
    • by Mary | 01/02/2016
    • The best fake tan I've ever used
    • I think my title speaks for it's self and for me this product is brilliant. My skin tone is what I like to describe as English rose! So I have always been apprehensive about fake tans - I can't tan naturally so fake is my only option for a bit of colour - I've tried fake tans, spray tans, professional body tans and gradual tan moisurisers and every time have been left too dark or streaky and it's really put me off. After reading reviews it seamed this could be the product for me so I bought a bottle and hoped for the's safe to say this is my new best friend. I usually use it every other day to maintain a healthy glow sometimes I go a bit longer if I'm feeling its getting to dark sometimes more often if I'm going on a night out or on holiday, that's the beauty of it - I haven't streaked yet, it's so easy to apply and it doesn't have an unpleasant 'fake tan' smell. 10/10 would recommend especially to those daunted by fake tan products and those with pale skin.
    • by Natalie | 08/01/2016
    • The best fake tan I've ever used
    • I think my title speaks for it's self and for me this product is brilliant. My skin tone is what I like to describe as English rose! So I have always been apprehensive about fake tans - I can't tan naturally so fake is my only option for a bit of colour - I've tried fake tans, spray tans, professional body tans and gradual tan moisurisers and every time have been left too dark or streaky and it's really put me off. After reading reviews it seamed this could be the product for me so I bought a bottle and hoped for the's safe to say this is my new best friend. I usually use it every other day to maintain a healthy glow sometimes I go a bit longer if I'm feeling its getting to dark sometimes more often if I'm going on a night out or on holidays that's the beauty of it - I haven't streaked yet, it's so easy to apply and it doesn't have an unpleasant 'fake tan' smell. 10/10 would recommend especially to those daunted by fake tan products and those with pale skin.
    • by Natalie | 08/01/2016
    • Question on moisturiser
    • I really like the product but have 1 question. Is it ok to use a moisturiser after using this in the shower or will that effect the development of the tan? I have very dry skin so I do need more moisturising than provided by just the self tan.
    • by JJ | 06/12/2015
    • Hi JJ, thanks for your question. This product has up to 24 hour moisturisation. However, as long as you ensure you gently pat yourself dry after use in the shower, you can use an extra moisturiser as you wish. We recommend using our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser, as it doesn't include oil which can break down a tan.
    • Good idea....... But doesn't work
    • As a fan of st tropez and fake tan I thought I'd try this product! The idea is great, no fake tan smell, no streaks, condition hair while wait..... But NO TAN!?!!! I've used the whole bottle on a daily basis after reading amazing reviews, I've followed instructions, left on for 3 minutes left on for 10 minutes and haven't seen a change of colour!! Maybe a darker colour needs to be made?
      Really disappointed and let down as I thought this would be great!
    • by Louise | 05/12/2015
    • Question
    • Can you use this more than once in a day? I'm going out tonight and I've applied it this morning but I'm not sure it will be dark enough, is it safe to keep applying through out the day?
    • by Roisin | 28/11/2015
    • very disappointed
    • As some of the other reviews I have read, I also was very disappointed with the results of this products, I have been using and recommending st tropez products to all friends and family, but will not recommend this one. I have used 3 times and have not had any results.
    • by Donna | 17/11/2015
    • Doesn't work
    • No results used 4 days straight waste of money
    • by Lynn | 11/11/2015
    • Thank you for your comments Lynn, we’re sorry you weren't satisfied with the product. If you would like to follow this up with our Customer Care team, please email quoting the above and a member of our team will be in touch.
    • Tie you hair back
    • Just used the st tropez in shower, I haven't seen how it turns out yet but I am impressed if it does what it says and gives a nice tan without the sticky smell. It was easy to apply.

      Not very happy though, just showered and dried my hair to find I now have patches of a curry like yellow stain at the bottom of my blond hair
    • by Heather turner | 07/11/2015
    • Keep it on for longer and you will go darker!
    • So this kind of goes against the point of the 3 min shower thing, but as lots of people seem to not be happy with the colour being so light then try this as it works for me! I have a shower, gently pat dry, then apply the tan and then leave it to dry for about an hour. Then wash it off. Although it means waiting around for an hour with the sticky tan on it does come out a lovely darker brown colour! You can see it going a dark bronze colour as your drying so if you want it even darker then keep it on for even longer before drying off.
    • by Becky Stone | 30/10/2015
    • Not worth the money
    • I thought this would be a great product as I have always used the gradual build up tan! I have really pale skin almost a milk bottle! And on using this on several occasions as directed, I can hardly see a difference! I've even tried not wetting my skin as much and have timed using a timer! No difference! They only bonus being my skin is lovely and soft. Very disappointing as a leading brand you would expect great quality!
    • by Rebecca twyford | 29/10/2015
    • Amazing idea but disappointing product...
    • Hi - I'm an avid fake tanner who has been spray tanning frequently for over 10 years now. I was really, really excited by the St Tropez in shower tan but have to admit I've been really disappointed. I found it made zero difference despite using it for several weeks and also, for the last few, leaving it on for up to 10 minutes. It's a product which, if it could be improved and actually work, I would be regularly using.
    • by Freya | 04/10/2015
    • Thank you Freya for your comments, we’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the product – however we’d love to hear more on how we can help you, please can you send our Customer Care team an email at quoting the above and a member of our team will be in touch to help you resolve the issue.
    • disappointing
    • I had read so many great reviews I couldn't wait to try this, the colour was so disappointing. It took me 5 applications to notice a yellow tinge a far cry from the golden tan I was expecting.
    • by jody walker | 03/10/2015
    • Thank you Jody for your comments, we’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the product. If you would like to follow this up, please send an email to our Customer Care team at, quoting the above and a member of our team will be in touch.
    • waste of money
    • The shower tan did not work, I tied 3 times didn't go any lighter, I would like my money back, already told 6 friends not to buy it.
    • by Sharon fisher | 02/10/2015
    • Thank you Sharon for your comments, we’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the product. If you would like to follow this up with our Customer Care team, please email quoting the above and a member of our team will be in touch.
    • Couldn't be happier!
    • I've used the product three times now, and my tan looks great. Even in the underarms where tan can build up it is totally even. And because you wash it off there is no post tan smell. So easy to use, 10/10. I also have psoriasis which can be a real problem when finding the right tan product, leaving me with dark brown patches but not a mark with this. Love it!
    • by Mary Pratt | 28/09/2015
    • St Tropez review
    • I would just like to say that this is the one and only tan product that I have found that DOESN'T leave streaks and is easy to maintain...I am SO happy to have come across this product whilst browsing through my local boots dept store ( notting hill gate )...
      It not only does what it says on the 'packet' but it actually fails to mention how it leaves your skin feeling SO clean, fresh and golden .
      I have been searching for years for a product that would give me the 'sunkissed' look and finally I've found it ...

      So thank you to the young girl in boots who helped me choose the correct type and brand now I have the extra confidence ( that a tan gives you ) without the dangers of the sun damage from uva (?) And the drying out of the skin which you can get from exposing yourself to too much sun ....
    • by Evelyn Blake | 21/09/2015
    • Gradual tan - in shower lotion
    • Whilst I notmally use St.Tropez Gradual all over tan with its supporting products (used this for about 5 years) I thought I would give the In shower lotion a try!! And WOW I love it, so easy to use with an amazing result. I would highly recommend this product :-)
    • by Carol | 14/09/2015
    • Query
    • Hiya I have recently bought this product but unsure of whether I can use it on my face as well as my body?

    • by Olivia | 13/09/2015
    • Hi Olivia
      You can indeed, just make sure to be careful around the hairline and eyebrows.
      The St.Tropez Team.
    • Very light natural tan
    • I was really excited to try this product as I'd read so many good reviews on here... I've had really bad experiences when it comes to tanning products as my skin is so pale and sensitive so this seemed a god send.
      I used it everyday for ten days and saw a difference within 3 washes, it helped me keep a healthy glow but not the sort of tan I would feel comfortable for a night out.
      It keeps your skin moisturised and feels lovely, there is no fake tan smell to it :)
      However, after around a week I began to run out... £14 per bottle is pretty steep, if there was a darker option at the same price that would be great!!
    • by Abbie | 07/09/2015
    • Can sun cream be used after shower
    • I have been using St tropez shower for a few weeks now it's fantastic,the only question I have is can I use sun cream once I have used St tropez shower
    • by Jeanette warren | 07/09/2015
    • Hi Jeanette,

      Yes you can. There are no sun filters in St.Tropez products so it’s very important that you still use a sun protection product with sufficient levels of SPF when exposing your skin to the sun.
      We hope this helps.

      The St.Tropez Team
    • Best ever
    • This product was amazing Ii couldn't believe how good it was i will be recommending this to my friends ten out of ten.
    • by Sharon | 06/09/2015
    • Gradual Tan Shower Lotion
    • I have to say I was so impressed with this product i received a small bottle to try and was a bit concerned how i would get it to go evenly over my back but i was pleasantly surprised,have been out and bought the bigger bottle from boots with my £2 gift voucher
    • by Tina Reynolds | 04/09/2015
    • So Easy
    • I received a free sample of this product and using it for the first time can't believe how easy it was to apply and I ended up with a nice natural looking tan. If you're like me and like your skin to have that glow at all times then try this as I don't think you'll be disappointed.
    • by Susan | 31/08/2015
    • My skin is exactly the same colour as when I started 7 days ago!!
    • I alternate between fake tanning mousse and gradual tans and I usually apply once or twice a week. I saw the article and video about this gradual tan online. I got it from boots for £14.50 and was very hopeful it would work as I usually love st tropez products however after doing everything the video and bottle told me to door and I am still yet to see any difference at all after 7 days of applying it each morning.. After 2 days of no sign of a tan I decided to not wash the palms of my hands after application to see if there was any sign of a tan on my hands but still nothing I am soooo disappointed in this product and st tropez... I would expect this from a cheap product but not one that cost nearly £15!
    • by Amber curtis | 23/08/2015
    • Easiest way to tan ever!!!!
    • Wow is the first thought that came to my mind when I first used this product. I love love love St tropez as a whole and will never use another brand. St tropez never lets me down when it comes to fake tan and every new product that comes out I instantly fall in love with. If you want a really easy way to tan then buy this product now! It is honestly amazing and the colour pay off is so natural and gorgeous. It leaves me with a lovely sun kissed glow and my skin feels lovely from it too. Big thumbs up from me :)
    • by Chantelle | 20/08/2015
    • Waste of money
    • A complete waste of money . I used it 5 times over 4 days it did not work.
      My legs were completely white as I have very pale fair skin this product made NO difference at all . I really do not understand why there are so many positive reviews.I have half the container left and |I am wondering if possible to get a refund. I have since come out in a rash on both my arms and neck I an extremely upset about this and believe the two are connected.
      Promises were made but the product did not deliver
    • by Sharon | 12/08/2015
    • Hi Sharon, we are extremely sorry to hear you are disappointed with our product and for the unfortunate reaction you have experienced. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. To help resolve this issue, please send our Customer Care team an email at quoting the above and a member of our team will be in touch.

      The St.Tropez Team

    • Best ever
    • Having tried most fake tans I tried this with a view to retailing it in my salon. This is the quickest easiest tan I have ever used. No nasty smell and a streak free tan that is a beautiful colour I cannot believe how easy it is. I will definitely be recommending this product to clients.
    • by Lainey | 06/08/2015
    • Amazing product
    • I received a free sample of this last Saturday and tried it immediately. I am over the moon with it. It is the best self-tanning product I have ever used. I love it and the colour of my tan is fab. My Daughter-in-law commented on how good my fake tan looked. I don't know how I've ever lived without it.!!! It's a must have for me.
    • by Paula Rowland | 04/08/2015
    • Amazing product
    • I recieved a free sample of this last Saturday and tried it immeadiately. I am over the moon with it. It is the best self-tanning product I have ever used. I love it. And the colour of my tan is fab. My Daughter-in-law commented on how good my fake tan looked. I dont know how Ive ever lived without it.!!! Its a must have for me.
    • by Paula Rowland | 04/08/2015
    • Who's the (self-tan) daddy?!
    • If you’ve not yet had chance to get your hands on the new In Shower Gradual Self-tan from St Tropez, or you’re cynically thinking ‘what’s all the fuss - it’s just another tanning product’, then I strongly recommend you get your skates on and get yourself a tube - because this product is amazing.

      I am a fan of fake tans because they’re so much better for your skin but, even being a willing self-tanner, there’s no getting away from the fact they are a faff; they need good preparation, very careful application and ongoing maintenance, even if you do it at home rather than going to a salon. (And the distinctive newly-tanned smell – Eau de DHA - did I mention that?) All this is time-consuming so it’s no wonder that I, and most of the women I know, only bother to make the effort when there’s a special occasion coming up, and even then it’s a chore.

      Well, no more need this be the case. I don’t know how they’ve done it but St Tropez have come up with a product that takes just 60 seconds to apply (just lather it all over as though you’re applying a shower cream), three minutes to sit on your skin and then another 60 seconds to rinse off in the shower. No streaks, no patchiness and no awful fake tan smell. (If you still don’t believe me, watch the St Tropez video and see for yourself!)

      One application will give you a very light golden base colour, and you can build the tan up each day. I applied this for four consecutive nights and developed a good medium golden colour. After this I did find my elbows and knees (the usual suspects) developed very, but only very, slightly darker patches, but this was easily remedied by finishing those areas with a light coating of moisturiser after applying the tan the following night.

      I am mightily impressed.

      I’ve been using this for several weeks now and there’s no turning back. I think it’s safe to bid farewell to my armoury of St Tropez products which has built up to include sprays, gels, creams and oils (they’ve long been my favourite self-tan brand, so I’m secretly happy it is they who’ve well and truly whooped the competition with this product).

      You can read more here (if you like):
    • by joni | 31/07/2015
    • Disappointed
    • I was really looking forward to using this product because I find fake tan normally a really messy experience, but I was really disappointed. I've applied this 3 times now and I still only have a hint of a tan! I will finish off the bottle but I don't think I will be buying it again.

      On a positive note the slight tan I do have does look pretty natural!
    • by Nikki | 31/07/2015
    • In shower tan
    • Very nice product easy to apply, I would say the only thing is that would be better if it came in a darker shade as when I tan I go very dark and this is very pale so will take me a long time to build up my tan. Please bring out a darker shade to build up too.
    • by Louise | 27/07/2015
    • Perfect
    • I love this product. Please don't stop doing it. At last I have found a product for my very pale sensitive skin that gives me a lovely nature looking glow! So easy to use and effective. If you want a darker look you have to build up over a couple of days but for me I have found something finally that doesn't streak and stick to my dry skin. Also before self tanners that I have had to leave on have given me a reaction but not this one as you wash off after 3 mins in the shower, no fake tan smell and your ready to go. I think this is perfect for a natural tan. If your looking for a really deep dark tan then maybe this isn't for you or you will need to build it up. But who wants to look like they have been tangoed!!!!! The whole point of a tan I think is it looks natural and this certainly does that!!!! FANTASTIC and can be used in daily routine with no fuss or mess!
    • by Rebecca | 27/07/2015
    • Excellent!
    • I am a big lover of St. Tropez tans and will never use another brand. This tan is yet another product that does what it says on the bottle. It's great to use as instructed, on its own in the shower but also over a tan to maintain it for a longer time. Honestly don't know what I would do without St Tropez! My holy grail
    • by Chantelle | 26/07/2015
    • Effortless tanning!
    • This is so easy I would defy anyone to say otherwise. No need to exfoliate although I'm sure it would benefit the end result, this gel lathers up to give the most even, smell free, quick drying self tanner I've ever tried. Be sure to wash off completely or it will leave marks but do as it say's on the tube and you really won't be disappointed. I've used it every morning for 4 days and then as and when needed. The best yet!
    • by Linda Carroll | 22/07/2015
    • may take more than one tube
    • I'm fair skinned and applied as video. Wasn't seeing any results after seven applications so resorted to putting cream in my hand and straight onto my body. This worked and no streaks.
    • by Glenis Garbutt | 18/07/2015
    • Amazing moisturiser
    • After using the whole bottle I didn't get any darker which was a disappointment as all your other products are amazing!
      It did leave my skin feeling amazingly soft!
    • by Natasha Murray | 16/07/2015
    • 3rd use and no colour
    • I've used this 3 times now exactly as it says on the bottle and can't see any difference in my skin colour. I had high expectations after I loved the gradual face moisturiser but disappointed! If it takes more than 3 applications to start to colour then that is an awful lot of product to use to get a light colour.
    • by Sophie | 16/07/2015
    • St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
    • Was very sceptical about this product wondering how it could possibly work but purchased some anyway in the hope of getting my fair skin tanned before my holiday. Followed the instructions to the letter, used it for a week and have not noticed any difference. £14.50 literally down the drain. Would not recommend.
    • by Stephanie Jeffs | 16/07/2015
    • excellent product
    • Loved this! Tried different kinds of tanning products but by far this is my favourite. Great product!!
    • by Amanda Mccullough | 14/07/2015
    • St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan
    • This product has to be the best thing since tiger bread!

      Simple and effective all in the time it takes to brush your teeth. What's not to love?

      You still need anymore convincing? Okay, it leaves your skin moisturised, soft & golden but without so much of a whiff of burnt digestive or a stain in your bathroom or on your bedding.

      Treat those pasty legs and buy it NOW!
    • by Clare Pearson | 14/07/2015
    • In shower tan
    • Amazingly easy and fuss free to use! But unfortunately not dark enough! Have used other gradual tanners that are darker and I prefer the colour they gave me. Apart from that amazing!!! :) Bring out a darker version please!!! :)
    • by Kelly | 13/07/2015
    • Not suitable for my skin
    • I was really excited about the concept of this product so was very keen to try it. My skin is a medium tone tending to suntan easily. I have used the product for nearly a week now and seem to be a grey tone rather than any tan. I get a similar result with light st tropez products so always have to go for the darker products which work fantastically on my skin. Obviously the product is new to the market and would be happy to test it again if it gets reformulated.
    • by Julie Herbert | 11/07/2015
    • St tropez in shower gradual tan
    • I was so excited about this Gradual Tan. What a let down!
      I purchased yesterday. Came home and followed instructions.
      Applied at 6.30 pm. Woke up at 3.30 am and got up to have a look as I was really looking forward to seeing result.
      Nothing! I mean nothing at all.
      Yes, i was streak free, which was good but I was also tan free. Very disappointed. Don't buy
      I see you don't print negative reviews. I will never buy St tropez again. I am now gonna review on as many other sites as possible
    • by Sheila Conroy | 11/07/2015
    • Excellent and easy to apply but very light
    • I am extremely pale and find it hard to get a tan that looks natural. I have very little time to apply tan, wait to develop and wash half my house because of guide colours on everything. This was so easy to apply and meant there was no mess anywhere. No transfer onto towels or sheets !!! Major plus !!!
      Do pat dry and not rub when you get out of the shower and ensure you have rinsed everything off as any remaining cream will develop into unsightly stains much much darker.

      Only criticism is that this only comes in a very light gradual colour, which means for someone like myself it takes many applications to achieve any noticeable results. Definitely not one for the night before a wedding or night out. Would be nice to a have a slightly darker option to purchase.
    • by Helen Fry | 07/07/2015
    • Grand Job!
    • Im not one for fake tan however when I have to attend special occasions I like to have a glow and not really dark. I also am getting married in September so I decided to give this a go ...

      Much to my surprise it actually has worked, I have applied it 3 days straight and I can see a difference as can everyone else who has complemented me on my colour. It really looks as if I have been on holiday. I have no streaks either which is amazing.
      When I was putting the cream on in the shower I was wondering how on earth this solution works, there was a nice smell and everything to it compared to the usual curry smell you get.

      I would recomend this to any one who doesnt like to have a deep tan .. people who like darker tans should probably just stick to their normal applications

      Thanks St Tropez!
    • by DHC | 05/07/2015
    • Fab!
    • Absolutely love this gradual tanning lotion, I've not had the best experiences with fake tans before so I thought i'd give this a try as it's a little different. It's so easy to apply and smells gorgeous! It gives you a lovely glow and looks like you've been abroad for a week! Well done St.Tropez!
      I'll be definitely be purchasing more of this!
    • by Jessie | 02/07/2015
    • Game Changer
    • I've always been a fan of St Tropez having used many of the products. I was a little bit skeptical of this product, How can it work when you're washing it off in just 3 mins later?

      I used it last night and I can't believe how good it is. It smells great, goes on easily and although it's a little bit chilly standing in the shower for 3 mins, it's well worth it!

      Such a relief to be able to get changed and go to bed without waiting for it to dry and no tacky feeling overnight as your tan develops! It's amazing. Can't wait to see how the colour develops with a second application.

      Definitely My 'Product of The Year' so far.
    • by Ashley | 02/07/2015
    • Amazing product
    • I can't believe how amazing this product is and how easy it is to use . The results after one 3 minute tanning session were just so good . I also did it on the hottest day of the year and a minute after walking out of the shower my skin was dry and I could get dressed straight away without any stickiness .
      The tan developed slowly through the evening to a really even, smooth tan that smells lovely . This is my new go to tanning product . Will defiantly be buying again .
    • by Joanne masters | 01/07/2015
    • An innovation in fake tan!
    • I love this brand new product and wrote a full review on my blog, please have a read -
    • by AbigailSays | 01/07/2015
    • Great but need to reapply too much
    • I am very pale naturally so found the shade way too light for me. After 4 applications I had a good glow but obviously this uses a lot of the product. The application is fantastic and honestly life changing having not needing to sleep in the product and ruin my sheets. Such a fuss free process. Thank you St Tropez scientists for this innovative product! Please please please bring this out in a darker shade, I'll then love you forever!
    • by Tess | 01/07/2015
    • Amazing product 5 star!!
    • I have spent a fortune on self tan products over the last few years & none of them have been any good: I just gave up trying. However, after reading an article in a magazine I thought I would give this product a go plus it was on special offer in Boots!! Well what a result it actually works, very well in fact. There is no streaking, there is a still that smell with self tanning products but it is not as strong & doesn't last too long. The results are great, not too dark a colour & looks very natural, easy to apply & to reapply if needed. As a person who had given up on all self tanning products I am converted!!! Well done St Tropez for this fabulous product.
    • by Michele Govier | 01/07/2015
    • Awesome!
    • This product is amazing after reading mixed reviews I was a bit worried about this as fake tan always goes wrong for me no matter how much I exfoliate or moisturise! Also quite a few people mentioned it takes a good 4 applications to see a difference? Well not for me after 1 use I could see a result within a few hours and the colour was nice and golden. My favourite thing about this is because you can wash it off no stickiness after just really soft skin :) top marks St tropez deffo buy again.
    • by Laurenx1 | 29/06/2015
    • wow
    • I was a bit skeptical about this as had bad experience with tan products before, but gave it a try and it's amazing easy to use and no mess. I applied at night in the shower before I went to bed and in the morning I had a nice glow with no nasty brown patches. I will be using again tonight . Think I will stick to twice a week as don't think I need more than that. Thank you St.Tropez I am hooked! Just ordering more.
    • by Tracie | 25/06/2015
    • Didn't publish my first review.... 2nd attempt
    • I couldn't wait for this product to arrive in the shops as advertised on a Daily Mail editorial.... 1st June I was heading down to my local Boots, by that was a fortnight away so I went online and ordered direct with St Tropez and eagerly awaited my delivery.... It arrived 2 nights before a sunny day at the races, do I hoped 3 showers with it before Saturday morning might do the trick, but nothing, I wasn't disappointed though as it is advertised as a gradual tan..... But I really think after using all of the bottle that I'm doing something wrong..... I shower, I turn off the shower, apply the cream to wet skin, wait for 3 minutes and shower off....... I have not changed skin colour 1 bit in 3 weeks....... Ppplllleeeasse somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong..... It is a great idea and do simply to use, but it just doesn't work...... After reading the reviews I'm beginning to think they are made up just to launch the product...... Boots have already discounted it to under a tenner so it's obviously a losing line......
    • by Nancy wright | 15/06/2015
    • Really surprised - it actually works !
    • I bought this as I'm an avid self tanner and always on the lookout for something that makes the whole fake tan applictaion easier and less messy . I have olive skin and did'nt hold out much hope for this product , after first application there was nothing much to see .
      I did persevere and am now a really lovely shade of brown after about 4 applications . Its much darker and better colour with this product than when I have applied the usual dark fake tans which you leave on for several hours .
      I do sometimes suffer from the dreaded "crocodile" skin from over application as I find even with the darker tans they are often not that dark . With this I have a really good quite dark natural colour (probably used it 5 times ) and no "crocodile" skin ! Amazing ! Having found this I won't go back to the standard fake tans , this is so easy and there's no mess and no fake tan smell .
      I have very rarely been able to perfect my hands and feet but with this product I have had no problem , no streaking or going darker on heals and hands just a nice even colour .
      I do put on the St Tropez tan maintain moisturiser after and this has not affected the end results , I didn't after the first couple of times but I do suffer from dry skin so found it better to moisturize after .
      This really is the best fake tan ever and I should know I've probably been through them all at some time , cheap and expensive brands.
      Highly recommended- 5 stars
    • by isabel | 15/06/2015
    • Wow!
    • I found this product easier to use than foam products just because when on my skin it was easy to move around and felt more like a moisturiser than a tanning product. My tan started to develop almost instantly but it did leave me lighter than I expected. I think this is only my own fault though and am not blaming the product for this. I would recommend this product to any person who is new to fake tanning just because it's quick and easy to use, it doesn't smell and you can build your tan instead of just instantly turning to a colour too dark too quickly. I have used this product twice now and I look a healthy glowing colour. I think the key to this product is to layer the product on and don't expect to have a very dark tan after the first try. You should all buy this! You won't regret it.
    • by Saskia | 14/06/2015
    • Foolproof Tanner
    • Any fear you make have of fake tan has been taken care of. Scared of being orange? It's a subtle gradual bronze. Scared of the scent? You have a shower. It's mistake free and the best way I've found to maintain my holiday tan. Thank you so much St. Tropez!
    • by Jessica Riley | 14/06/2015
    • Another Great Product!
    • Yet another wonderful product tested for the VIP beauty panel. Quick, easy and streak free tan that can fit in easily with your morning or evening beauty routine. #numberonebrand
    • by Amanda Sergeant | 13/06/2015
    • Weird but True and Amazing
    • I didn't believe this product description when I saw it but it is incredible stuff. It smells gorgeous, is incredibly easy to apply (although personally I haven't managed to get the lather that I just saw on the video) and does exactly what it says on the bottle - although how it does it when you are washing it off three minutes after applying I do not know. I have now used it for three days (although not consecutively) and I can already see a lovely colour developing. I have been daring enough even to put it on my face and I look like I've just had a couple of days in the sun. Amazing and highly recommended. Not surprised it's out of stock at the moment but I did manage to get mine online at 'well known chemist chain'
    • by Angie | 09/06/2015
    • Amazing product!
    • I have always been cautious of wearing fake tan because im worried about getting the streaky look, but I heard about this one and thought I'd have to try it to see what all the fuss was about!

      I was amazed at how easy it is to apply the product and the natural glow that I got after just one application. I have been using it for a few days now and my skin is becoming a lovely golden colour. It is quick, convenient and smells delicious. I will be adding this to my daily routine from now on, extremely pleased with this product!
    • by Millie | 08/06/2015
    • I LOVE IT!!!!
    • I have never been able to find a fake tan that looks natural (I'm ridiculously pale), is streak free, doesn't smell and is easy to apply - until now! When I bought this product I thought there would be a catch somewhere, but, there isn't. It does take a couple of applications to see a difference but that doesn't bother me when you can apply it in 3 minutes. The best thing is that it's not sticky like other products I have tried - once you've rinsed it and dried off, you've forgotten that you've applied it. You don't even need need to worry about getting it on clothes or the bed sheets. Well done St Tropez!
    • by Rachel | 08/06/2015
    • Weird but good
    • I was a bit dubious about trying this tan as it goes against all the typical convenient tans out there. Most tans tell you to have dry skin before blending it in and also not to wash for 4-6 hours until it develops, so it was weird doing the complete opposite, especially as I have been tanning weekly for many years and endured brown sheets, the odd streak, and good 20 minutes applying it. I was torn between "How can I get a tan if I wash it off 3 minutes later?" and "Its going to be streaky because I'm putting it on soaking wet skin" But I was really surprised to wake up the next morning with a soft golden tan, no mess, no streaks even though you put it on wet skin and I was convinced I had overlapped and put a tad more on one leg than the other. Only downside is standing 3 minutes freezing cold waiting! But its fast, easy and good results! Beats normal tans any day.
    • by Liz | 08/06/2015
    • In shower gradual tan
    • I'm a huge fan of self tan as I'm very pale and have a number of moles so don't like to spend too long in the sun. Without making myself sound like the ugliest person on earth too, I have a fairly uneven skin tone and regular fake tan doesn't hide that .... If anything it emphasises it when it ends up patchy. This product is so different! I now have a golden glow that's totally even and natural looking. It's as if it's impossible to make a mistake. And because you're using it when you shower, which you'd be doing anyway, it doesn't feel like effort. I'm not sure. About the hydration claim but I'm not bothered about the smooth and dry feeling as I find that so many other tan products leave me feeling greasy and sticky. This doesn't. I love it!
    • by Kim anderson | 06/06/2015
    • Amazing product but exercise caution
    • I love this - it is fantastic. Stunning subtle colour, no waiting for ever for it to dry, two days a week for me enough to get to where I like to be. I will definitely buy it again however - be careful!

      1. When the instructions say make sure you have washed it off all over - this is not a fairy tale if you leave any on it leaves a very large and obvious stain. This is especially important with your palms washing off once you have finished before your 3 minute wait.

      2. Be careful of your face you can absolutely use it on your face but remember again to ensure you wash it all off!

      3. Wet showers and a slippy product do not a match in heaven make especially with the design of the container. I was applying in the showere tonight and the product went on the shower floor I slipped and I am now wearing one of the bluest bruises I have ever had. Not quite the look I was after. Either go to dry land in your bathroom to apply or St Tropez what about a pump dispenser which would be more convenietn and also a lot safer?

      Despite all of the abovee and a sore leg and wrist - I am off to buy some more tomorrow I love this!
    • by Nicola | 05/06/2015
    • Great product for busy mums!
    • Bought this product last week and it's amazing!! I have been using St Tropez for over 10 years now and I love all of their products but this is one of their best yet. After applying I had no streaks, tan smell or orange palms. It gave me a lovely subtle glow. Best of all you can get your hands wet and do not have to wait 4hrs which is great if you're a busy mum like myself. Just ordered the luxe body oil and cannot wait to try it out. Would definitely recommend this :)
    • by Anneke Riley | 02/06/2015
    • Perfection
    • I brought this yesterday and I'm very surprised but happily
      I've never ever used St tropez product but thought this seemed a fool proof way to get a little bit of glow going on and this product has surpassed all expectations I have a wonderful natural glow a tiny bit Orange on one elbow but prob my own inexperience was at fault there skin is soft and looks moisturised I do however have a fake tan smell about me but not very strong so if I use it in eve in morning I would def shower to counteract the smell and best bit is no orange or strange colour hands or nails the 3min activation period went fast I just set the timer and brushed my teeth I'm delighted at the whole experience
    • by Vickie | 02/06/2015
    • I'll never use anything else again!
    • This is a fantastic product, so easy to apply. No streaks or patches anywhere & a lovely natural look.

      I must say I was a bit sceptical having used other gradual tanning products, with poor results. I will not waste my money in the future on anything else. This is THE one for me!
    • by Paula Thornton | 01/06/2015
    • Best New Tanning Product 2015
    • I was sent this to try by St Tropez. I was quite wary about a gradual tan because I'm mixed race and other gradual tans have not had an affect on my skin colour. But this one gave me a lovely natural glow perfect for everyday.

      The almond oil cream is beautiful and applies to the skin great! It sinks into the skin really quick after applying (after around 1 minute). It was hard to judge the 3 minutes (especially when it's chilly stood in the shower) so maybe take a phone or timer in with you. After washing off, I was surprised at the beautiful tan but also at how soft it made my skin. No false tan smell. Absolutely no streaks on my first attempt, or stained hands/fingers.

      This has to be the best new tanning product yet and it's reasonably priced too! Definitely give it a try.
    • by Olivia | 28/05/2015
    • Amazing
    • I heard everyone go mad for this new shower tan . So I had to try it , £14 from boots which I thought was affordable.

      So I got in the shower ,exfoliated then put the tan on to my wet dripping skin ( of course turned the shower off ) I covered my whole body and waited 3 mins and washed off . Make sure you wash your feet and toes well . Next morning I woke up with slight gorgeous golden tan . It's fantastic so a few days using it I'll have the tan I want :D I like the fact it isn't a instant dark tan . I use St Tropez face oil so I can tan my face to match my body, so happy with this product and it's so easy and quick :)
    • by Meg | 28/05/2015
    • Wow Just WOW
    • For me because I'm olive skinned it can be hard to find a gradual tan thats not only quick bit where i can see results from one application. This product seemed ideal for me because I'm a busy mum of two and sometimes it can be quite hard to dedicate the time needed for a full blown tan routine. I applied this product after exfoliating in the shower..then while it settled i got on with the rest of my skin care and after 3 mins rinsed off and i was left with this amazing glowy tan (after three mins and one use!!1) for me this is an amazing gradual tan that gives amazing results with no stickiness and i think the star element is three really is just WOW and its beautifully natural too, no orange here!!!
    • by Natasha Allen (blogger) | 26/05/2015
    • Where has this been all my life!?
    • I was so skeptical about this product the first time I heard about it how it would work in a shower. But the bottle gives clear instructions for use. I have been using this product for the last 5 days and it's subtly built me up a tan over these days. If you are looking for an immediate deep dark tan this isn't for you, try express tan! It's one of my other fave St Tropez products. This has completely fitted into my shower routine as if it's always been there. I have a lovely natural tan in only 4 days. This is the product all girls need in their shower routine. It's quick easy and you can build to a natural tan. Immediately my skin felt soft after rinising off three minutes later. As if it had just been moisturised with a luxury butter! It also has a really nice smell to which I like too! all round this is one of the best ideas any fake tan company has came up with. It has taken the paleness away from me over the last few days which has developed into a beautiful glow which I'm more than pleased this product has said what it does!! 5 stars all the way from me x
    • by Sinead Parker | 26/05/2015
    • AMAZING!!
    • I bought this product last week after hearing all the hype around it online and after using it over weekend I have now got a gorgeous glow and really soft skin! I was really surprised by how moisturising it is and by how easy it is to use. Definitely a new addition to my beauty regime to keep me glowing without any hassle!
    • by Rose | 26/05/2015
    • fabulous product St Tropez does it again
    • Tried this new product for the first time today. So easy to apply, lovely scent and a very luxurious feel to the lather. Already have a nice light tan which I hope will develop even more by the morning.
    • by Joanne Goldstraw | 25/05/2015
    • Looks natural even on Casper!!
    • I'm so pale I'm practically transparent and I've had my fair share of fake tan disasters in the past but when I read how easy this was to apply I had to give it a go.

      Well I cannot express how impressed I am!! Less than 24 hours after application I have a beautiful glow. I wouldn't say I look 'tanned' but it's taken the edge of my pasty skin and that's what I wanted. It looks natural and streak free. I've got no tell tale orange patches and I don't smell like biscuits.

      It's easy and quick to apply. The 3 minute wait allowed me to deep condition my hair. It smells beautiful and my skin feels amazing.

      In a nutshell this is worth ever penny, go and buy it now!!
    • by Max | 25/05/2015
    • Very subtle colour
    • I was very excited about this product and ordered it as soon as I got my email to say it had arrived. Sadly it's not the tan product for me, I'm on day 2 shower 2 and still a very light tan. Im going back to the one hour tan, ok it takes an hour but boom your tanned. This is going to take a week of 3 mins in the cold each day to get some colour. It might be good to use as a top up between the 1hr tans.
    • by Rachel Wood | 24/05/2015
    • VERY Impressed - natural looking tan.
    • Very easy to use and gives a gradual and natural looking tan without the normal unpleasant smells of normal fake tan products. I used it 3 times in the first week and by the end of the week I was getting comments about my tan, with people claiming how natural it looked. I now use it once a week to keep the tan topped up. Can't believe just how good this product is!
    • by Daniel | 19/05/2015
    • Wow! Wow! Wow!
    • Absolutely amazing. This is utterly fantastic. Shower and rinse, apply lotion, wait and rinse. Easy! I now have beautiful glowing skin. I am pale and often avoid tanning products but this is natural, streak-free and does not smell. Life changing for the summer months. My skin is soft and looks amazing.
    • by Anonymous | 19/05/2015
    • Surprisingly easy to use
    • I'm not a big fake tan fan as it always goes streaky but thought this would be easier as I needed to bare my legs. It went on really easily & the 3 minutes you have to leave it on for went quite quick as you need to wash your hands straight after you applied it, so that takes a minute. The tan gradually built up to a nice glow. I would recommend it ready for a summer glow before the summer comes.
    • by Anonymous | 19/05/2015
    • Best yet!
    • This is by far the best tanning product I've ever used. Being very pale, I never usually bother with fake tan having tried so many different products over the years, and being left orange and streak ridden with every one!
      I was quite skeptical with the concept of a tanning shower gel but seriously impressed once I'd tried it. You lather it on all over, wait three minutes and wash off, it is so convenient and easy to use. I'm certain I used more on one side and less on the other, did it in circles as well as lines up and down my legs and so on, yet the colour is absolutely and completely even all over my body. I have yet to find a dark patch or streak anywhere. I am really quite pleasantly surprised at how good it is. The only downside is that it is a little on the expensive side, but for something that works so well, it is without doubt worth spending that little bit extra. I personally don't use tanning products frequently (every day/week), but would definitely buy this to use before my next holiday, I was very impressed with it.
    • by Nimmy04 | 19/05/2015
    • Busy Mum now tanned!
    • Back in the day I would happily worship the sun and partake of sun beds. Age has brought wisdom and children have restricted time so being sunkissed is no longer a priority.
      I've tried self tanning products before as it is the safest way to get a good colour but they've always involved gloves, mess and time. This product was different. Anyone with children will know that you don't have the time to spread thick gloop all over and sit and wait for it to develop. This in-shower self-tan is ideal if a few moments in the shower is your only chance to tan! It went on easy and I didn't feel I had to be overly careful. Rinsed well and left my skin feeling lovely. I developed a nice even colour over the course of the day and would happily use this for a night out (if the chance ever arises!)
    • by Darby82 | 19/05/2015
    • Actually does what it says on the tin!! Brilliant.
    • Can't believe how simple this product is to use. I'm a great fan of fake tanning and with St Tropez you know you are using the best but this takes it to an even higher level. The Initial thought of getting out of the shower dripping wet and applying seemed weird, but actually it was ok (might be different in winter) the lotion went on really well, I didn't really pay all that much attention to where I was applying, I even did knees and ankles and the results were great. Not a patch or streak in sight. The lotion was really creamy and smelt wonderful. The only tricky and messy thing was holding the tube with wet slippery hands. The three minutes went faster than I thought and hands came up clean and stain free. It was actually quite nice to get back into the shower and rinse off. My skin felt really moisturised. Importantly too there was no marking on the towel either. The colour developed naturally throughout the day amazingly with no lines, even where clothes had been. It is the best self tan I have ever used with results far exceeding my expectations. Top marks once again to St.Tropez for moving their bar even higher. A must have summer product.
    • by Rebecca | 19/05/2015


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