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Instant Tan Face & Body Lotion 100ml, Light/Medium

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Instant Tan Face & Body Lotion 100ml, Light/Medium

Instant Tan Face & Body Lotion 100ml, Light/Medium

Instant Tan Face & Body Lotion 100ml, Light/Medium

SKU# 100013060


    . NEW and improved formula

    . For an instant tan with no commitment

    . Water and transfer resistant with Rainmac™ Technology

    . Delivers a natural, light to medium tan

    . Lasts for up to 24 hours

    . Washes off with soap and water

    . Apply using a St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt

Description & How To Apply


Our NEW and improved instant tan with no commitment. Our streak-free face and body lotion delivers a natural, light to medium tan that lasts for up to 24 hours, with no transfer. For best results, apply using our Tan Applicator Mitt.

Available in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

How to apply

Step 1: Exfoliate 24 hours prior to use. Immediately prior to application, moisturise any dry areas including elbows, knees, ankles and feet.
Step 2: For best results, apply using our Tan Applicator Mitt in long sweeping motions, starting at the ankles and working your way up. Then for your back, turn the mitt back to front and start applying in the same way. Ensure all areas are covered before lightly gliding any excess tan from the Mitt over your hands and feet.
Step 3: Wait until touch dry before getting dressed.
Step 4: To remove, simply wash off with soap and water.

We recommend a patch test is carried out at least 24 hours prior to use. If there are any adverse reactions do not continue to use. Don’t apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin and stop using if your skin becomes irritated.


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    • Great product!
    • I’ve used this instant tan twice now and I’m super impressed with the results! I have fair skin and I feel this doesn’t make me look orange. I think it goes on easier if you don’t use a glove/mitt, which isn’t a problem because you can wash it off your hands with no problem, no stains. The only issue I have is that it does come off a little too easily - you don’t even need soapy water. I got a couple of tiny drops of water up my wrists and arms and I had little pale dots left afterwards! This lotion would be perfect otherwise.
    • by China | 28/12/2018
    • Amazing tan
    • I don't really use fake tan that much but after using this tan I will be doing so from now on. It's was so quick and easy to use and dried quickly, so many people asked had a been away? I was very impressed with the results.
    • by Laura Yilmaz- Pollitt | 12/01/2017
    • Great last minute tan!
    • I usually like to build up fake tan subtlety over a few days in case of mistakes but completely forgot in the run up to NYE and this saved me!

      It's really easy to apply with the mitt and left my skin with a lovely natural looking glow just the effect I had hoped for!
    • by Chloe Bainbridge | 11/01/2017
    • Lovely product
    • I usually use the classic mousse or have a spray tan as I'm a beauty therapist, (I like mine to last a little longer). However This is so easy to apply and perfect for a last minute tan or for someone that only wants a tan to last until it's washed off. Perfect for all weather as it doesn't go patchy when you get wet. All round good product and I will be buying more of this product and recommending to my clients :)
    • by Laura | 08/01/2017
    • Very good last minute tan
    • This tan was very good it was easy to apply with a mitt and spread evenly and well. There was virtually no scent to this which was impressive. As it is a light to medium colour it is good for a light glow or looked even better when I added it as a top up to the St.Tropez mousse applied a few days before. It washes off easily but when worn on a night out and a drink splashed on my arm it didn't leave a white mark like other tans. Didn't have any residue on my clothes either. I have very pale skin with freckles and it gives a natural colour. An all round 5 out of 5 for a light quick glow.
    • by Ashley | 05/01/2017
    • The ultimate express thing !!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    • So I took this tan away with me for NYE to a lodge me being addicted to tan I couldn't go away without St.Tropez, before my holiday I had an in salon express St.Tropez tan but knew it wouldn't last going in and out of the hot tub. So that's where this beauty came in !! And what an absolute star ⭐️ product it was. I could pop it on and instantly have colour without worrying if we got a mini shower outside I'd be spotty like a Dalmation something I've experienced with wash off tans before. I was able to go in the hot tub knowing that in the morning this express product could be put on and I'd be back to my bronzed self. A* star product and an absolute must have for everyone !!!
    • by Danielle Byrne | 05/01/2017
    • Great last minute tan
    • I tend to avoid instant wash off tans however I decided to give this one a go and was really pleased with the results. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and does not leave your skin feeling sticky. The results are a lovely even and natural looking glow which is easy to wash off. Would definitely recommend it!
    • by Ashley | 05/01/2017
    • Lllloooooooove this
    • So I have to admit I was a little wary of this product as I am with all instant tans.
      ....thinking back to disposable streaky orange tan towel disasters i've had in my teens....but I should have remembered the brand. This is St Tropez!! They don't do wrong! Such an amazing product and perfect for those spur of the moment nights out when you need a quick golden glow! Will definitely be buying a tube of this or ten to sit alongside my other St.Tropez goodies! X
    • by Jen | 04/01/2017
    • Love
    • Love this tan it gives such a natural and even coverage, the wash off nature of the tan makes it easier if it needs to be used last minute as it only takes 10 minutes to apply the tan, it also dries quickly and doesn't leave the skin sticky or tacky. Unlike most of the fake tans it doesn't leave the skin with a typical fake tan smell The packaging makes the product look sleek too!
      This tan is definitely worth buying.
    • by Lauren | 03/01/2017
    • Great quick fix
    • This is the best instant tan that I have used so far so easy to apply, literally takes about 10 minutes including drying time you do need a mitt but it just glides on. The smell is actually quite pleasant not at all fake tan like more like a pleasant moisturiser, my skin actually feels nice and moisturised for ages after applying. The colour is more of a natural bronzed look than a mahogany look but I layered it to get a deeper tan. I usually use the Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse but this Instant tan is an absolute lifesaver for a last minute unplanned night out. I also found that it was really great if I had missed a bit of tan or sometimes I like my legs to be a little bit darker than the rest of my body so I can put this over my developing tan to get exactly the right shade. It's also splash proof which is a godsend living in rainy Britain.
    • by Sam briggs | 03/01/2017
    • Perfect instant tan.
    • I have never used an instant tan before as I use the St.Tropez Express Mousse weekly so I was really looking forward to trying something new. I'm so glad I tried this product it's completely changed my views on what I thought an instant wash off tan would be. The formula of this product is brilliant. It's super easy to apply and blends well creating a streak free perfect glow. The tan dried quickly and the smell was pleasant unlike some other brands. Will definitely be using this instant tan in the future. A must have for special occasions and events when you need a St.Tropez glow but don't have the time.
    • by Sian Macdonald | 03/01/2017
    • Just WOW!
    • I pretty much apply fake tan every week, I've tried so many and St Tropez is by far the most reliable and quality brand. I usually use the mousse but this was a godsend on NYE! I exfoliated fully and although wearing tights I applied top to toe. Well, it's amazing. I put it on about an hour before I went out and so it had dried before I put on my make up too. The colour was perfect for my fair skin and the coverage was fantastic, no streaks or tell tale ankles or elbows! This will be a permanent fixture in my bag as it's such a quick fix! My busy day often means I forget to tan in time for my night out, now I've got the perfect SOS. St Tropez never fails to perform.
    • by Carly Smith | 03/01/2017
    • tan for active women!
    • The wash off nature of this tan makes it perfect for those who live an active lifestyle, often exposed to heavy perspiration or water based activities. Where as the traditional longer lasting tans will become streaky or patchy in these conditions, this instant tan can be washed off after the event with soap and water, leaving your body tan free once more, without leaving it feeling dry or irritated. This is not to say that the solution will come off in the rain, it stayed put all night until I washed it off in the shower.

      The creamy texture of the solution made application with a mitt extremely easy, and the colour was deep and even, with the classic St.Tropez scent.

      So pleased that St.Tropez have released this product. I have also used it on top of the original tanning mousse to create an instant bronzed effect perfect for a night out, enhancing the colour given by the classic mousse. Will definitely use this product again!
    • by Bethany Filby | 03/01/2017
    • Hands down the best so far
    • So, being a tan addict (friday night ritual), when I was given the opportunity to try this new instant tan I was just too excited! Im loving the new packaing, looks alot more appealing. Anyways, so last night was new years eve and I was saving it's first use for then and I'm instantly converted back to instant tanning. Application is so smooth and as long as you prep well before use, it glides on really easily. So so pleased! It smells devine and the finished glow is perfect
    • by Nikkita Bastable | 01/01/2017
    • Amazing instant tan
    • Well what can I say about this product.
      It's amazing, it gives an all over glow with effortless application. It only took me around 10 minutes to apply . It drys super quickly and I didn't feel sticky or tacky. My skin felt soft after using the product and the smell of the product is lovely. Fab sleek packaging and very easy to follow instructions. I was left with an amazing golden brown colour after the first application and you can always add more to build up a darker tan. 5/5
    • by Tara Davey | 24/12/2016
    • Love!!
    • Love this tan that gives an instant sun kissed glow and so easy to apply. Would use again and highly recommend for any occasion.
    • by Tilly Cuttler | 23/12/2016
    • In love
    • I am so completely, truly in love with this product, it's definitely my new best friend! Just looking at the packaging, I expected it to be high quality, and normally I feel quite let down by some instant tans, but this is perfect. Not only does it smell AMAZING (none of that weird tan scent, it's like I'm wearing a sweet perfume), but it's so natural looking. It looks quite dark when it comes out of the bottle, which I was worried about, but when applied, it gives you a subtle bronze, healthy glow. I applied it over the St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Oil, as I was heading out and didn't want to apply more oil as that lasts for a long time, and it's given me this amazing natural bronze- I look like I've been sitting on a sunny beach for weeks! I keep this in my handbag now, as it's such an easy quick fix, it dries almost instantly. It's wash off as well, which is great because I can relax a lot more about putting it on my face, which is something I panic about with most instant tans. Definitely worth buying, it looks so so good, I honestly can't put into words how happy I am with how I look right now! xo
    • by Kayleigh Knight | 23/12/2016


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