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Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask

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Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask

Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask
Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask
Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask
Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask
Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask

Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask

SKU# 100013646


    . 1st to market, revolutionary tanning infused sheet mask

    . Control your depth of tan

    . Easiest, most convenient way to tan your face

    . Dewy glow immediately after use

    . Develops into a natural, flawless tan after 8 hours

    . No tell tale tan lines

    . Ultra-hydrating, with Hyaluronic Acid

    . 100% Natural Tanning Actives

    . Vegan Friendly Formula

Description & How To Apply


Our easiest most convenient way to tan your face.

Control your depth of tan:
-Leave for 5 minutes -A natural light glow
-Leave for 10 minutes-A natural medium tan
-Leave for 15 minutes -A natural deep tan

• Contains Hyaluronic Acid known to improve skin hydration, texture and tone
• Long lasting hydration
• Provides a radiant glow that develops into a natural, flawless tan after 8 hours
• Instantly provides a dewy, radiant finish to skin

Patent Pending UK: 1705352.1

How to apply

Step 1: Simply cleanse and pat dry your face prior to application.

Step 2: Gently unfold the mask and peel off the film as you apply to your face. Smooth out any air bubbles and adjust for the perfect fit. Wash your hands immediately after application.

Step 3: Depending on your desired shade leave the mask on and relax for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. 5 minutes – a natural light tan glow 10 minutes – a natural medium tan 15 minutes – a natural deep tan

Step 4: Remove and dispose of the mask. Lightly massage the excess serum around the eyes and hairline blending into the neck and décolletage.

Step 5: Wash your hands again after massaging.

After application, your skin will be left with a dewy glow and the self tan actives will continue to work for up to 8 hours, developing and deepening into your chosen shade.


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    • Amazing
    • This is an amazing facial tanning product. I like to be dark so I opted for the full 15 minutes. OMG 8hrs later I had gorgeous glowing face tan. In love with the product St Tropez great great work every time.
    • by Natalie Robinson | 09/06/2018
    • Love it
    • Soooo easy and quick to use and leaves a natural looking tan!
    • by Harriet | 07/09/2017
    • St tropes mask
    • Amazing for a pamper night just sit back relax let the mask do all the work
    • by D Rodgers | 21/07/2017
    • Best tan ever used on face!
    • It's safe to say I have tried and tested every tan,mouse, self and face tan out there. Expensive designer to really cheap! Best finish and literally makes my face glow!! Received so many compliments. Best tan ever and would pay any price for this!! No make up needed!!
    • by Emmie | 17/07/2017
    • Sun kissed skin
    • I was so happy to receive this product however I was a bit nervous using it. Thought the mask would leave a horrible line but it didn't!!!! It's so straightforward to use however make sure you take your time with applying it. The mask leaves a glowing bronzed look which I loved!!! Also left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. This is a must have mask!!!!!
    • by Phoebe | 21/04/2017
    • Love love love
    • Okay guys like everyone else I was a little worried about the idea of a mask, but take it from me it's amazing. Beautiful colour, no smell and the bonus is you have to relax while doing it. Simple stress free application with amazing results 5stars thanks St.Tropez
    • by Una beckett | 16/04/2017
    • Sunkissed glow
    • I cleansed my face and decided to go for the dark glow ! I gently unfolded the mask , peeled off the film and applied to my face. After smoothing out the air bubbles I laid back for 15 mins to let the mask give me that golden glow! I like the fact that you can adjust the shade you want by leaving on for only 5 mins for a light shade , 10 for a medium shade or 15 for a dark shade.
      I removed the mask after 15 mins , massaged the serum around eyes and hairline and immediately after application my skin had a light glow but the tan deepened overnight and I woke up with a healthy sunkissed glow !
      Love this mask and will definitely be using again. It didn't leave a horrid self tan scent and wasn't sticky at all.
    • by Kali filsell | 15/04/2017
    • Lovely!
    • I was a little anxious about trying this as I didn't like the idea of a mask but thank goodness I did! It was so easy to use and left my face looking sun kissed! Will definitely be buying again. Thank you for another amazing product St.Tropez!
    • by Lisa B | 12/04/2017
    • Sceptical, but......!
    • Okay, so I had visions of looking like Neil from The Inbetweeners movie, when he fake tans just his face and has a beautiful tide mark, but I have to admit, I was seriously impressed. I opted for medium coverage, lay the mask on, having set the timer on my phone to remind me, and lay back, letting the mask do it's thing. After the alarm went off, I took the mask off, and massaged what was left of the solution into both my face and neck and washed my hands. A few hours later, and I looked like I had been away to the shores of St.Tropez itself! No horrible smell, no tide mark!
    • by Laura | 11/04/2017
    • Revolutional Product!
    • I was skeptical to try this product as I thought I would be left with patches around my eyes and mouth. However after you massage the excess serum into you face it leaves an even glow!!! I recieved lots of compliments!
    • by Amy Garrod | 11/04/2017
    • Wow... Just wow
    • I wasn't sure what the outcome of the St.Tropez mask would be, I was worried that it would leave a mask shaped tan mark but I was blown away with the results. After deciding I wanted the medium result I left it on for the allotted time lay back and relaxed whilst it did its magic after taking it off I massaged the rest of the liquid into my neck and the uncovered part of my face. The result was a bronzed just returned from holiday look without the horrible fake tan smell ! Will definitely be purchasing again !
    • by Nicola Biven | 10/04/2017
    • WOW!
    • I really wasn't sure what to think about a fake tan mask! However I was keen to give it a whirl, I unwrapped the mask and was surprised at how easy it was to apply to my face, I had visions of it slipping off or not fitting at all. The mask is actually really cooling and feels refreshing on the skin. It didn't fit my face perfectly but that was fine because the cool gel on the product can be blended into the hairline, ears and neck, there is plenty of product on the mask to do this with. Whilst wearing the mask I just got on with every day tasks to be honest and I decided to leave it on for 15 minutes, I love a dark glow! It took about 8 hours to develop and was a lovely and well blended colour so I'm a fan, however for two sheets I would really like it to be a bit cheaper.
    • by Louise Moore | 10/04/2017
    • Wow! Pampering treat and tan in one!
    • I was lucky enough to be sent the Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask to test and I so glad I was!
      If I'm honest had I not tried it already I would be too scared to purchase it as I was a little dubious as to how it would turn out going on as a sheet mask.
      I needed of worried, I am totally in love with these, it is like a pampering treat and tanning all in one! My skin felt soft and hydrated and I had a gorgeous even glow to match the rest of my tan. Well done St.Tropez! Thank you for letting me test :)
    • by Lyndsey Green | 10/04/2017
    • Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask - "Unmask the Magic" !!!
    • OMG, I was beyond super, mega excited about trying this new & unique product as it had my favourite things rolled into one - that's facial mask & tan - could it be true??!!
      I am a facialist & tan fan, so I was so thrilled. Pampering yet productive? Tan & treatment too? Yes it's all true.
      So I popped this mask on for max time. The easiest application ever as in a fresh sheet form & sheet masks are so trending right now. Even after max time I found I had ample serum left to massage into hairline, around ears, under chin down neck onto décolleté for a blended result. On removal my skin felt so nourished there was no need to add a moisturiser & I always need a moisturiser??!!
      I was simply left with super-soft skin that's so hydrated it bounced back full of bronze, an immediate glow that made the whites of my eyes & teeth pop.
      Even though the results were fabulous & really lasted very well I found the whole process strangely addictive in the sense that I couldn't wait to do it all over again.
      Amazing relaxation while gaining amazing results. Truly a game changer for the time challenged ( who isn't ).
      Hot off the press, you won't want to miss out on this mask it is truly a dream. A genius flawless finish - radiant & glowing, with skin care benefits - fully re-vitalising & re-newing.
      So simply only the Best - Tan Connoisseurs.
    • by Mary Czolij | 10/04/2017
    • Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask
    • Innovation from St.Tropez. This mask is a pleasure to use. Simple and straightforward with no mess. Feels pleasant on, cool and relaxing. Skin is moisturised and glowing after just a few minutes use resulting in a lovely, even colour.
    • by Ruth | 09/04/2017
    • Innovative product
    • I was a bit apprehensive at first to use a facial tanning product as I was worried what the results would be like but I was so happy with how my skin looked and felt afterwards. My skin felt soft and smooth and I had a healthy golden glow. The product was so easy to apply, I just wish you got more than 2 in the packet! Big thumbs up from me! Will definitely be using again!!
    • by Carly Cooper | 09/04/2017
    • Sheet Mask
    • This is great, but not something you should do in a rush or if you might be disturbed!
      This leaves a lovely glow, and is actually quite relaxing when its on!
      Would use again for special occasions.
    • by Lisa Y | 09/04/2017
    • Innovative natural tan
    • Such a new concept, I was delighted to try! The mask was extremely well coated with product, and fit the contours of my face far better than most.

      It also smells fantastic! It gave a lovely tan and my face didn't seem dry, and I really enjoyed the experience - however I feel like they are a little expensive for regular use when normal tan does a similar job.

      Nevertheless, wonderful product and I would repurchase for special occasions.
    • by Rachel Gilbert | 09/04/2017
    • Luxurious treatment and a tan too
    • Fantastic product, so easy to use. You just pop it on like a regular sheet mask, you decide the intensity of the tan you would like and leave it on for no longer than 15 minutes. I like a dark tan so left it on for the full 15 minutes and after it developed fully I was left with a lovely dark colour with excellent coverage, no white bits! Very impressed as it's so easy to use but the real beauty of this product is that you feel like you're getting a bit of me time while you get a luxurious treatment as well and the mask leaves you with lovely soft dewy skin. Would highly recommend this product for speed, ease of use and great results.
    • by Samantha Jones | 09/04/2017
    • An easy and relaxing way of apply tan
    • I was worried about using this product at first, I was worried that I'd have white eye circles and white seem around my face but that was definitely not the case.
      The mask was very wet and a little slippery to apply, it took me a couple of attempts to get it in the right place on my face. It has no smell, after removing the mask my face felt very warmed and soft, after a few minutes of rubbing in the product around the eyes and down my neck my skin felt silky smooth and refreshed. There was no instant colour but it developed over a Night and left me with an amazing sunkissed glow. Ideal for someone who wants to relax aswell as tan, personally I'll be sticking to my other st tropez tanning products as I like to just get on with it as having a small child I don't get time to relax.
    • by Tara Davey | 09/04/2017
    • Pleasantly Surprised
    • I was really nervous about trying this product as I've had mixed results with sheet masks before. I had this horrible notion that I would end up with a circle of tan around my face and big white panda eyes! When you remove the mask from the packaging it is very wet and feels silky like it's soaked in serum. The mask wasn't too bad a fit but I had to fiddle around for a little while to get the eyes and mouth positioned correctly. I only used the 1st mask for 5 minutes due to the nerves and there was quite a lot of residue when removed but this was good as it left plenty of product to blend in and down my neck. The results were very quick and gave a very natural sunkissed glow. Colour was very even and best of all, no horrible self tan smell!
      I think next time I try this I would go for 10 minutes as 5 was very subtle and I think I could take a longer hit. Exceptionally convenient to use and would be great for travelling as nice and compact packaging. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.
    • by Gillyfran | 07/04/2017
    • The only face tanner you will ever need!
    • I'm blown away by the new Express Face Sheet Mask! I've been using self tanning products for many years and I have to say this is the best self tanning face product I have ever used! The sheet mask was drenched in serum which felt incredibly refreshing and hydrating. It was a little fiddly to fit around my eyes and it did sit over my eyebrows however this wasn't a problem and didn't cause any discolouration to my brow area. I have fair skin so left the product on for 7 minutes. After removing the mask I massaged the remaining serum into my face, neck and décolletage as recommended and went to bed. The following morning I had the most amazing colour, my skin appeared radiant and I only needed to use a tinted moisturiser lightly over my face and was very happy going out showing my glow! I found the colour faded evenly and lasted about 4 days. I would have preferred 3 masks in the packet rather then the 2 which retail for £15 however that is my only criticism. I am totally SOLD on this innovative product!
    • by Emily Holmstrom | 06/04/2017
    • Perfect
    • Super hydrating and if you love a deep tan this is perfect.
    • by Katie | 06/04/2017
    • A tanning must try !
    • Ok, I have to be honest. I love St.Tropez and trust them with my life (well, my body!) but this made me nervous!! All I could think was me ending up with a tan shaped mask on my face after I removed the actual mask! Eek! I needn't be worried though, it was fine and worked well! I only left on for 5 mins but I had a lovely summer glow. I have only given 3 stars though as it was a bit costly for the results, bearing in mind I could get a bottle for the price. But I loved none the less !
    • by Jen Scanlan | 06/04/2017
    • Not Sure
    • I was lucky enough to be sent this Mask as a VIP tester and it was such a new product it was not even available to buy to the general public yet. I was intrigued to know how this would look after application as a streak free face is a must as its on show all the time
      Application was easy after cleansing and making sure my face was clean of any products. I felt a bit silly having to answer the door to the postman with this on so obviously use privatley lol Skin felt soft and smooth when removed and had a ok look and smell but the colour was nothing spectacular for £15 I would personally stick to the face cream tanners so your face and body match! however for a pamper and a treat would recommend but for myself not convinced this time ok for fair skins i think or non avid tanners like myself. Thank you to St.Tropez for allowing me to test.
    • by Andrea Brooks | 06/04/2017
    • Self Tan Express Face Sheet Mask
    • What an amazing product, thank you St.Tropez.
      Easy to use, no mess and the result is hydrated, glowing skin.
    • by Karen | 05/04/2017
    • Sheet Mask WOW
    • This gave my face a really nice glow and it smelt nice. Not sure if I would buy this as I normally just put my fake tan on my face so that the colour matches my body.
    • by Lucy noble | 05/04/2017
    • Wow
    • This is amazing, it leaves a lovely glow and is so easy to use! Leaves skin looking rested and moisturised.
    • by Rose Curran | 05/04/2017
    • Brilliant idea!!
    • Well St.Tropez you have done it again another brilliant product and fantastic idea, I loved the way it felt on my skin like I was getting a facial and tan all at the same time, really relaxing. left me with a lovely glowing golden complexion that felt really hydrated, lasted really well to was so easy to use and left no obvious lines another 10/10 from me.
    • by Sarah Wingfield | 05/04/2017
    • Great product
    • I was a little worried about this product at first but i'm a big fan of face masks so wanted to give it a try, I was pleasantly surprised with the results! It was really easy to apply, i'm quite fair skinned but I left the mask on for around 10 - 15 minutes and ended up with a great colour - its not very obvious at first but after a few hours it develops into a lovely bronze glow.
      This mask leaves the skin a lot more hydrated than using my normal face tanner and its lasts ages to I'm on day 5 and still have a nice glow. Really pleased with the results.
    • by Siobhan | 05/04/2017
    • Pampering product leaves a lovely glow
    • This was the very first sheet mask I have used so a totally new experience for me! When I applied the mask it was lovely and cooling - I think this would be nice to take on holiday and use in the evening!
      I left it on 15 minutes and massaged in before bed. The following day several people commented on my tan - I didn't feel dark as such but it gave a lovely natural glow which I feel has lasted longer than a normal Facial tanner.

      I have only knocked one star off because of the price per use being high compared to a bottle of tanning product but it was a lovely pamper and I will definitely repurchase. Xxx
    • by Jill | 05/04/2017
    • Easy tanning
    • This is really easy to use although looks a bit weird. I put it on and left for the maximum 15 mins. Once removed I rubbed the serum into my face and neck. I did have a pale glow and nice soft skin but personally would have preferred a darker shade as it was quite light.
    • by Karen Beattie | 05/04/2017
    • Lovely
    • Really liked the sheets... easy to use
    • by Jen | 05/04/2017
    • Brilliant Product!!
    • As part of the VIP Beauty Panel I was really nervous to try this out & honestly thought it wouldn't work. I thought I'd be left with a streaky, patchy wrong could I be!!! It was fab!! Easy to apply to your face, so soothing & relaxing - as I'm quite pale I only left it on for around 6 minutes but it was heaven just to sit there relaxing! Blended in around the hair/jaw lines as instructed & wow the results were fab - a really healthy tan which I've been complimented on lots. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you for letting me be part of this trial.....hope there's more to come! Xx
    • by Helen Rourke | 05/04/2017
    • Brilliant Product!!
    • As part of the VIP Beauty Panel I was really nervous to try this out & honestly thought it wouldn't work. I thought I'd be left with a streaky, patchy wrong could I be!!! It was fab!! Easy to apply to your face, so soothing & relaxing - as I'm quite pale I only left it on for around 6 minutes but it was heaven just to sit there relaxing! Blended in around the hair/jaw lines as instructed & wow the results were fab - a really healthy tan which I've been complimented on lots. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you for letting me be part of this trial.....hope there's more to come! Xx
    • by Helen Rourke | 05/04/2017
    • Amazing facial treatment
    • Love this mask. Really hydrating and pampering experience.
      Gives an amazing glow which lasts for days. A must have product ❤️
    • by Judith McConaghie | 05/04/2017
    • Amazing!
    • A *! Fabulous Idea!!!! Loved it. Felt like a treatment to relax and also get a tan. Brill idea. Good for me as I use heavy make so it's great for topping up my tan. Easy to use and no mess. X
    • by Michelle Perry | 05/04/2017
    • Brilliant
    • This is really good and gentle on my sensitive skin. Give me a nice glow..
    • by Emma Richardson | 05/04/2017
    • Brilliant
    • The easiest product I have ever used. Even after cleansing toning and moisturising for several days it didn't fade fast. Brilliant product .
    • by Wendy | 05/04/2017
    • Natural even glow
    • Fantastic product! Skin felt great. Looked dewy, plump and with a natural glow. I left it for a medium development and it was an even tan.

      Fantastic product to add to the collection and provide a Facial treatment as well as a tan! Would recommend and would use again!
    • by Lynsey | 05/04/2017
    • Hydrating tan!
    • I was dubious trying this and probably left it on a little shorter than I should have. Next time I would definitely leave on a little longer however the colour I did achieve was a very natura glow. Colour distribution was even and there was little/ no smell. Loved he post treatment feeling!

      Skin felt fantastic and hydrated would definitely use again and push for longer on tan development for a deeper colour!
    • by Lucy | 05/04/2017
    • Lovely glow
    • This face mask is amazing! It is totally fool proof it's so easy to apply and it leaves a lovely glow.
    • by Lauren emma | 05/04/2017
    • Best face tanning experience ever! Totally mistake-proof. Already a fan of sheet-masks, couldn't wait to try this one. What a pleasant surprise... not only my face was feeling ultra-hydrated and quenched throughout the process, but after I removed it, my skin looked super dewy, with an amazing healthy glow. I left it on for 15 mins, whilst taking a relaxing bath at night, and then after removing it, I blended the remaining serum around eyes, on neck, ears and décolleté. I couldn't believe my eyes the morning after. My skin looked as if I had gone on a trip to the beach! It looked seamless, natural and glowing. My skin felt lifted and nourished. Loved it! Will do it every week.
    • by Polly Muggy | 05/04/2017
    • Natural, radiant glow
    • I love this! I've never seen another product like it, and it takes all the hassle out of tanning my face. It's lovely and moisturising, and means I don't end up with annoying streaks where I've applied the product unevenly. I'd definitely recommend this!
    • by Kayleigh Tanner | 05/04/2017
    • Love this!!
    • Got to say I wasn't expecting much with this product, was a little worried about coverage. I shouldn't have been concerned, it's fantastic. So easy and quick to apply, I left it on for about 8 minutes. I would have left it longer had I have been going on a night out but as it was for the week ahead of work and normal life I played it safe. I blended the excess serum around the mask and down my neck and décolleté and waited. The result wasn't too obvious at first but when I got up the next morning I just looked glowing (usually scary upon first waking up!!). 4 days later and I'm still delighted with the results. Will 100% be investing in these beauties, perfect for going into spring and so easy to apply! St Tropez does it again, well done :-)
    • by Carly Smith | 05/04/2017
    • Hydrating glow
    • At first I was sceptical about this mask, how will it work will it be streaky, so I thought I'd give it a go ! I love a face mask and this was simple and easy to use rip it open unpack, peel and relax, the just simply rub in the excess and away you go, my skin felt soft and had a slight glow instantly.
      The next morning my face was still very soft and with a perfect tan I'd left the mask on for 10 min but could have gone for 15, I would highly rate this and will definitely be purchasing more as it was so simple to use and really works well for people on the go who need that 5-15 min of relaxation with a tan that lasts for a few days absolutely love this product
    • by Nancy | 05/04/2017
    • Great addition to the St.Tropez range
    • I got to try this as part of the VIP Panel and I was really excited as I love St.Tropez and I love a sheet mask! I usually find that my tan fades quickest on my face probably with all the cleansers/toners I use so I often have to top up my tan just on my face after a few days. I used this and it worked well, only having to leave it on for 5-15 mins (depending on shade) is great, I left it on for 10 mins and it gave me a nice glow. I was worried that it would be patchy around my eyes but it blended in well and left my face hydrated and smooth. The only thing I would say is that it is quite expensive to use regularly.
    • by Natalie | 05/04/2017
    • Amazing
    • Thank you for letting me try this new amazing product.
      It was easy to use and smells lovely and I got to relax for 15 mins which is a bonus.
      Woke up with a lovely natural glow.
      I will definitely use this product again and would recommend to anyone else.
      Thank you once again St.Tropez.
    • by Claire green | 05/04/2017
    • Wow!
    • I must admit I was apprehensive about using this product when it arrived. I was concerned it would be uneven and leave me with a patchy face and marks around my jawline. However, I needn't have worried- it was fabulous! Relax with the sheet on for your chosen time and when you remove it, simply massage the remaining serum into your skin making sure to blend it out. My skin looked dewy and felt like I'd had a facial, so moisturising. After 8 hours or so, I looked so tanned and my skin has felt soft and smooth all week. Highly recommended!
    • by Dagmar | 05/04/2017
    • Yes a new revolution
    • Wow, a face mask skin treat and tan! All my prayers have been answered. I'm all for time saving but I want the results too. So I have to say I'm a hard person to please especially when it come to skin care. I love face masks but I nearly always break out. TBH I was worried when I first seen this.

      This is a sheet mask. So applies like any other sheet mask. I was apprehensive but I shouldn't have been. This felt really moisturising. I was lying with it on thinking, this is so nice this will never tan as well.

      Nice glow after I removed the mask I did use the excess on my neck and decolletage. It goes really far. My skin looked amazing and tanned the next day. no breakouts and I went makeup free. People kept complimenting my skin. I went for a medium level tan.

      Will be getting more, a two in one that does what it says what a Timesaver !!!!
    • by Laura M | 05/04/2017
    • Wow
    • Oh this is the best thing ever. So easy to use. I put it on and lay down relaxing while it worked its magic and it did not disappoint. I left it on for the 15 minutes. Smells lovely, simple to use and left me with a gorgeous colour and glow. I look and feel 100% healthier.
    • by Lorraine williams | 05/04/2017
    • Incredibly easy, and streak free but..
    • I was already rather nervous about this product, as sheet masks always seem to have way too much product on them, a tanning one seemed like a bad idea. I liked how relaxing this product was, how great it smelled and the even, streak free tan it gave me. However, I hated the fact that after only leaving it on for 4 minutes (I really was nervous) I was a slight unpleasant orange colour. I found it difficult to remove and as a result of the harsh scrubbing (I'm a student,and had lessons the same day as my orange glow), my skin is now dry, tight and flaky. I'm fairly disappointed, as I really hoped that this product would work. I wish it came with a tanning removal wipe, in case of tanning disasters! All this being said, I would probably purchase this again, and only leave it on for 2 minutes next time, to see if that improves the colour.
    • by Kayleigh | 05/04/2017
    • Mask
    • Easy to apply, lovely fragrance left skin soft with a light colour. Left on for maximum time and still only had a light tan. Would use again as I liked the natural colour but don't expect a deep deep colour.
    • by Liz | 05/04/2017
    • So convenient & hassle-free
    • I'm someone who always been too frightened to self tan my face but this is now what I'll be using.
      Really easy to use and it gives me a natural, glowing look.
    • by Ellis | 05/04/2017
    • So Easy!
    • This is the perfect combination of skin care and a glow all in one. Firstly I noticed how dewy and healthy my skin looked after application, it was plump and hydrated. And secondly when I woke up the next day I had a gorgeous glow to my skin, made my make-up sit better on my face, and I didn't even need to use bronzer! I could have even gone make-up free to be honest. One thing to note is that after you remove the mask be sure you don't waste it, take the product all down your neck and onto your chest to complete your glow. Thanks St.Tropez for yet another amazing innovation. Will definitely be stocking up on these.
    • by Emily | 05/04/2017
    • Amazing!!! Lovely, relaxing way to tan :)
    • A treatment and tan all in one. Love this. So quick and easy to use. Feels wonderful on the skin. Not drying at all. Develops into a beautiful, natural looking tan. Received as part of the VIP Panel. I'll definitely be making this a regular part of my tanning routine.
    • by Kristy | 05/04/2017
    • Great innovative product!
    • I was pleasantly surprised by this product as I don't usually apply fake tan to my face as i've always been too scared, I usually just tan my body and use bronzer on my face. However this product gave a really nice colour that wasn't over the top and matched nicely with the rest of my tan, was really simple to use and i'd definitely recommend it! Especially as like the other fake tan products the colour lasts for days rather than just using a wash off colour or bronzer every day.
    • by Jenny Williams | 05/04/2017
    • Completes my beauty routine!
    • This product is no doubt the product that I've always been waiting for! I can leave it on for 5 minutes before bedtime and wake up to a gorgeous glowing complexion the next morning, it's easy to use, gives me beautiful sunkissed glow and means I can skip my foundation once in a while too! 10/10 couldn't be more happy!
    • by Karen | 05/04/2017
    • Love this! Highly recommend.
    • Loved this sheet mask! So quick and easy. I used it at night for 15 minutes, loved the initial dewy look it gave my skin (it felt like a skincare treatment!) and it was amazing to wake up to beautifully tanned skin in the morning.

      My tan on my face always fades quicker than anywhere else (due to daily cleansing & face wipes) so this is perfect to top up my tan in between. So happy with the results.

      A lovely mid-week luxurious treat. I would highly recommend to anyone!
    • by Laura Emily | 05/04/2017
    • 'Glowing'
    • I must admit i was slightly nervous before using the sheet mask. As having never used any facial tanning products before, I left it on for the the maximum time of 15 mins. I need not of worried though as my skin felt very smooth afterwards with a slight glow, during the day it developed into a warmer glow with a natural effect.
      Very easy to use. Would definitely use again and would totally recommend this product.
    • by Nina Józwin | 05/04/2017
    • Absolutely addicted!
    • This has to be the most relaxing and easiest way to tan! I left it on for 15 minutes and my tan looks so natural and my skin feels amazing. It blends so easily too. I used it with Express Mousse, which has been bumped to my second fave! Would definitely recommend!
    • by Lisa | 05/04/2017
    • Amazing!!
    • This is the best invention ever!! I always worry about my face fading more than the rest of my face and this solves everything. I was a bit nervous at the beginning but it was so easy to use. I have typically very dry skin but after use my skin felt so soft and hydrated. I was careful about blending it all in. I applied before I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, I couldn't believe the results, I noticeably had a tan and my skin felt great, I barely put any moisturiser on. I left on for 10 minutes as I am quite fair but the results were really evident. I love the Express Mousse so definitely will be using these together all the time.
    • by Katie | 05/04/2017
    • Where have you been all my life?
    • I'm usually left with a great tan but dry skin on my face with most tans, however this has left my face with an amazing glow and super soft skin! I was very uncertain at first - would it cover evenly? What shade would it leave me? No need to worry, after 15 minutes of wearing the mask (which was very comfortable to wear), I was left with a nice glow, which developed into a beautiful deep natural deep tan after the full development. It was a very even tan and left me looking like I had literally been to St Tropez (apologies for the cheese)! I would definitely recommend this product.
    • by Jane P | 29/03/2017
    • Gorgeous and natural!
    • I loved this product, it was so easy to use, and really moisturising and kind to my skin. I chose to leave it on for 10 minutes for a deeper sunkissed glow. My skin was lovely and glowing after, and for a few days too! I received compliments from my friends saying they thought I looked really well and glowing. Great product, thank you St Tropez! X
    • by Megan Smith | 29/03/2017
    • Lovely way to tan
    • Really enjoyed using this product. Really easy to use. Great quality sheet mask, really pampering and left a lovely natural tan after it had developed. Would highly recommend.
    • by Kelly | 28/03/2017
    • Easiest ever product
    • This was the easiest product I've ever used. I placed it in my face, and carried on with my everyday jobs around house. So easy to use, smells lovely and a nice even tan on my face without getting it in my eyes or hair.
      Should come in packs of 2 or 3 though , because it wears off quicker than my body with all the cleansing, toning; exfoliating I do to my face everyday. LOVE IT!
    • by Wendy | 28/03/2017
    • Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask
    • Fantastic beautiful natural tan!!
      Really recommend to everyone.
      Thank you for choosing me for your panel really loved this product, so relaxing.
    • by Patricia Stewart | 27/03/2017
    • Brilliant
    • Must admit I was a little nervous about how brown my face might have looked after using the mask but I shouldn't have worried.
      I left it on for about 10 mins and the St.Tropez results were fantastic as usual. My skin felt super smooth and had a lovely glow for a good few days.
      Thank you St.Tropez for another brilliant product.
    • by Sara | 27/03/2017
    • Ultimate game changer
    • This product is a absolute game changer. I used this after shaving and it soothed my skin and delivered the most amazing glow that looked natural, the mask is perfect and it really fits around the facial contours delivering a uniform colour. I left the mask on for 15 minutes (maximum time) and it left me with a deep but natural looking glow, it will develop over eight hours but the serum leaves an instant glow! I love this product, it's the ultimate game changer in tanning!
    • by Daniel | 27/03/2017
    • Amazing!
    • Loved it to bits! Fast, natural tan. Super easy to use. 10/10 would recommend to a friend
    • by Sarah Hughes | 25/03/2017
    • Wedding glow
    • Well I'm going to my first wedding of the season, and my first holiday is 2 weeks after the wedding, so I was after a natural glow... and well this delivers! Not only do you relax and feel like your having a facial, you get the most beautiful hydrated tan on your face I have ever had.... I left it on for 8 mins and the results for me were perfect!
      Thank you St.Tropez again for your innovative products! This product is now going to be one of my new favourites!
    • by Rosslyn Orr | 24/03/2017


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