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Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil 30ml

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Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil 30ml

Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil 30ml

Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil 30ml

SKU# 100013091


    . Our most luxurious tan yet, for the ultimate natural, golden glow

    . Quick-drying, non greasy and non-pore blocking

    . Suitable for sensitive skin

    . Ultra-hydrating for up to 7 days

    . Naturally fragranced with essential oils for no self tan smell

    . Apply using hands and wash after use

    . 100% Natural Tanning Actives

    . Vegan Friendly Formula

Description & How To Apply


For a natural, golden glow that lasts for days. Our luxurious facial oil is quick-drying, non greasy and non-pore blocking, with added hydration for healthy looking skin.

How to apply

Step 1: Apply to clean, dry skin in an upward circular motion across the face, neck and décolletage, blending into the hairline and over the ears. If you have fair hair you may want to add a touch of moisturiser to your eyebrows beforehand to stop the tan from clinging to these areas.
Step 2: Wash hands after application.
Step 3: Wait until touch dry before applying make-up.
Step 4: Allow 4-8 hours before getting wet.
Step 5: To prolong and maintain your tan, moisturise daily, exfoliate regularly and reapply as desired.


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    • Best Product
    • I have been using this on my face since it came out, it is amazing and makes me look like I have had a day in the sun,
      BEST face tan ever!
    • by Chardonay Bromley | 02/11/2016
    • Best tan
    • This is a great new tanning product. Gives a great natural colour and doesn't fade patchy like most other tans. I will be buying the body oil next.
    • by Katie | 23/07/2015
    • Great if you have some extra cash
    • Let me first state that I am a member of the beauty panel so I was given this for free. I must be honest in saying that I have never bought a separate facial tanner before, if it can go on my body it can also go on face, how right that is I am not sure but it is something I have always done. I would never have bought this if left to my own devices but after using it, it is something special. Just like the luxe oil for the body (I have not used anything else since it was launched) it is such a pleasure to use. The application goes on seamlessly you feel that you are applying an expensive facial oil, it smells lovely, gives your skin a beautiful glow and your skin actually feels softer. In the morning you have a definite radiance to the skin, not so much a tan but definitely that dewy glow that we all hope for. I used this three days running and it did build up a golden gleam to my skin, but I then missed my instant 'tan' hit that I get from the luxe body oil, so went back to that. I still use the facial oil occasionally especially on weekends to just build up a glow for Monday morning, but would I buy it if I was honest at full price I don't really know as I love my instant hit self tan but if i saw it on offer for a really good price then definitely yes.
    • by Jacqueline | 29/05/2015
    • Very Good
    • I was sent this a while back to review and I am so glad I did because I have wanted to be able to also tan my face but wasn't confident enough to put on the normal self tan on.

      I watched the video which is so helpful and did exactly what was recommended.

      I applied it on my face and then applied the luxe tan oil on my body. I loved that the tan looked even and even though I have oily skin it didn't make it oilier which is very good in my books! No one wants a shiny face! Also my skin can be sensitive and I found that this didn't do anything bad to my skin which I was so happy about!

      Definitely recommend this.

      Ana Elizabeth Aguila
    • by Elizabeth's Beauty | 27/05/2015
    • Hello Holiday Skin
    • This is a holiday in a bottle. For me, I struggle to get a tan and with pale problematic skin, most facial tanners are too dark and clog my pores. Not this though. Just like the Luxe oil, this is super moisturizing and glides onto my face without clinging to dry patches. It gives such a subtle glow which can easily be built up. I can now finally fit in with my friends and family without looking like the odd one out!
    • by Jessica Riley | 10/05/2015
    • The perfect glow!
    • I usually use the tan that I use on my body on my face but it never seems to look as good as on my body, when this product arrived I could not wait to try it. I was instantly amazed! The oil is very light, not greasy in the slightest and dries incredibly quick which is always good. It gives a really fresh, natural looking glow and gives me a lot more confidence. Don't know what I would do without this product now!!!
    • by Chantelle | 07/05/2015
    • Amazing!
    • This is the first facial self tan I have ever used without it clogging my pores and feeling too heavy on my skin. I absolutely love it and have recommended it already to so many people. I'm hooked!!
    • by Tess Dawson | 15/04/2015
    • amazing!!
    • Leaves my skin feeling amazing and soft! Natural tan that blends in with the rest of my body :)
    • by Natasha | 14/04/2015
    • luxurious product!
    • I can not recommend this product highly enough! 10/10 glides on the skin leaving it feeling so smooth, silky & healthy. Gorgeous healthy glow, as with every St tropez product, this is definitely my fave!
    • by Claire | 13/04/2015
    • Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil
    • My skin is dry but this product gave me a healthy and natural glow and my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated. Fabulous product Love it!
    • by Mandy Steadman | 12/04/2015
    • Break through!
    • Like something that I've never experienced before - A tanned, dewy face with no complications!
    • by Alex Mealand | 12/04/2015
    • Facial oil
    • Im a therapist myself and used a lot of face tan creams, but this is amazing you don't even know you have it on even when just applied. I give this 10/10
    • by Lisa earnshaw | 12/04/2015
    • Absolutely love it
    • Is a must buy for the summer, so happy with it. Smells nice, makes your skin soft and leaves you the perfect summer glow. Deffo be stocking up :)
    • by Danielle De Fazio | 12/04/2015
    • great loved it
    • love it must buy !!
    • by Claire | 11/04/2015
    • Love it!!
    • Love this facial oil .....provides you with a natural even colour and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Does not block your pores either - fab product!
    • by Rachel | 10/04/2015
    • glowing skin for me!
    • I have pale skin with reddish undertones and although my body tans eventually into a nice golden colour, my face never does. I struggle to get a facial tan that looks natural and doesn't bring out spots or block my pores, this new self tan luxe facial oil seems to be everything I have looked for, for a long time. It is easy to apply, gives a natural, even glow and doesn't feel greasy or oily once it is on. After use I have not come out in any spots and my pores are not blocked and so I am most definitely a fan! Thank you!
    • by Paula fairest | 09/04/2015
    • brill
    • I first tried this facial tan oil a few weeks ago and I've used it near enough every 5 days since as it's amazing! not only adds a lovely glow but it made my face feel amazingly soft too.
    • by Jasmin naylor | 09/04/2015
    • luxurious
    • A fab product that makes you and your skin feel special.
    • by Sam Bentley | 09/04/2015
    • Soft soft soft
    • Bought this as a tester to see how well it would work on my skin, my skin is generally quite oily & I didn't know whether it would make it worse. Thankfully not! It's amazing, the results were brilliant it made my skin really soft & didn't show my oily skin underneath!
    • by Lucy | 09/04/2015
    • Soft soft soft
    • Bought this as a tester to see how well it would work on my skin, my skin is generally quite oily & I didn't know where it would make it worse. Thankfully not! It's amazing the results were brilliant it made my skin really soft & didn't show my oily skin underneath!
    • by Lucy | 09/04/2015
    • The best
    • Could not recommend enough, it feels luscious on the skin looked like I had been to St.Tropez for a week.
    • by Jade boylan | 09/04/2015
    • great for sensitive skin too
    • It leaves my face feeling soft and not sticky, plus I have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate x smells great too x 5*
    • by natasha dalee | 09/04/2015
    • At tropez facial oil
    • The oil is a beautifully light, quick drying, soft delicate oil. Comes out natural and leaves skin soft.
    • by Juliette | 08/04/2015
    • Beautiful shimmering tan
    • Perfect for spring time or on holiday to boost an existing glow. Glides on easily, leaves you feeling gorgeously hydrated too.
    • by Amber | 08/04/2015
    • Amazing
    • Leaves you glowing and tanned.
    • by Katy | 08/04/2015
    • Amazing
    • leaves you glowing and tanned
    • by Katy | 08/04/2015
    • My No.1
    • So in love with product, makes my skin look flawless and glowing. What more could a girl ask for....Perfection!
    • by Stacey Davis | 07/04/2015
    • Brilliant product
    • I'm in love with this, it's just lovely. Beautiful, natural looking tan and streak free. Also smells good. I've got my friends buying it too. Definatley 10/10 for me. Thank you st tropez xxxx
    • by Clare garton | 07/04/2015
    • Perfection in a bottle
    • I really struggle with good tanning products as I have very sensitive skin and I am allergic to quite a lot of beauty products. However when I tried this from a friend I was blown away. Was very luxurious to feel and went on brilliantly. it didn't stick to my dry patches amazingly! Lasted almost a week for me and everyone complimented me on my glowing appearance. Will definitely use again! Thank you St.Tropez!
    • by Rhiannon Twigg | 06/04/2015
    • love it!!
    • Usally i can't use tan on my face because of my complexion. However this is great! Non greasy, natural looking tan. I would reccomend anyone to give it a try. You will be suprised
    • by Natalie Shaw | 06/04/2015
    • silk with a healthy glow.
    • Did you ever want to know what silk feels like? If you do then get this. My face has never looked or felt so healthy. It's lightweight so your face doesn't feel sticky or caked. This is perfect for that little summer time glow.
    • by Pip | 06/04/2015
    • Lovely
    • Love this. Moisturising but non greasy. Doesn't affect my oily skin.
    • by Becky | 06/04/2015
    • self tan luxe facial oil
    • Best facial oil I have used in a long time! Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.
    • by Hayley | 06/04/2015
    • Brilliant
    • Love this stuff, goes on so easily & leaves you with a gorgeous bronze tan! Definitely my favourite St Tropez!
    • by Madison | 05/04/2015
    • Amazing
    • Love this product made my face look flawless and no need for foundation ! So happy with it and last ages as you only need a couple of drops so well worth the money !!
    • by Laura Anderson | 05/04/2015
    • Loved the Oil
    • Was worried it would leave my face oily, but I was very impressed, it soaked into my skin and left a lovely glow and made my skin very soft.
    • by Gill | 04/04/2015
    • Fantastic product
    • This product is one of the best on the market, gives a beautifully even and subtle glow, I got a lot of compliments whilst wearing it!! Beauty essential buy
    • by Charlotte Colby | 04/04/2015
    • 5* facial tan
    • I am so in love with this facial oil tan, it gives you a lovely glow and now my mother and daughter have also started to use it!
    • by Laura pollitt | 04/04/2015
    • Great Healthy Glow
    • The facial oil gives me a really healthy looking glow I love this product. Bought on a whim as I have other St Tropez products but will 100% be buying again once this bottle runs out!
    • by Melanie | 04/04/2015
    • Healthy Glow
    • What an amazing product! I use the facial oil to give me an even healthy glow! It's reduced the amount of makeup I have to wear on a day to day basis & has really helped to prevent the tires look, especially since becoming a new Mum 5 months ago! Amazing light product! Love it!
    • by Jessica Henderson | 03/04/2015
    • outstanding
    • amazing my face feels amazing soft and glowing
    • by Katy | 02/04/2015
    • you must try this
    • if you want summer glowing skin this product is for you. Skin is left soft and this stuff lasts!!! I love how my skin looks when I wear it
    • by Lisa watkins | 02/04/2015
    • Fabulous as always!
    • I tried and tested this product for the VIP Beauty Panel. Similar to the Dry Luxe Body Oil it is a superb product! Perfect streak free coverage that is non-greasy and non-drying! Once again St Tropez have excelled themselves. Another quality product second to none!
    • by Amanda Sergeant | 02/04/2015
    • lush
    • Smells great, goes on great and is easy to use. Fades evenly
    • by Rachel | 02/04/2015
    • St Tropez facial oil
    • Smells amazing, & gives a lovely finish & colour to the skin I will not use anything else now!
    • by Clare | 02/04/2015
    • Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil
    • leaves your skin smooth and gives a healthy looking glow. Amazing product and good value price. Would re purchase again. 5 stars
    • by Jennifer Kennedy | 01/04/2015
    • Golden glow
    • In love...and absolutely glowing glad I now have this in my life x
    • by Lisa Williamson | 01/04/2015
    • good
    • brillant stuff
    • by Kiss | 01/04/2015
    • Looking Good
    • I love this! It gives off a very subtle but sexy glow. I'm always getting compliments on how good my skin looks everytime I use it.
      I love the fact that it doesn't smell.
      I love the fact it works well when I suffer from breakouts as this is when I struggle with putting anything on my face but this works a treat.
    • by LdollY | 01/04/2015
    • Barbara
    • This facial oil is amazing always used St Tropez body mousse ,and thought I would give this a try worth every penny
    • by Barbara Brahimaj | 01/04/2015
    • Fabulous!
    • This Luxe Facual Oil is brilliant, it's very easy to apply and not too greasy! Gives your skin a beautiful glow. Would definitely recommend.
    • by Emma | 01/04/2015
    • Just Fantastic!
    • I love this product. It is so easy to apply and absorbs quickly. My skin looks glowing and healthy and natural.
    • by Geraldine OGorman | 01/04/2015
    • Love it!
    • So soft and silky. I love it :)
    • by Derya | 31/03/2015
    • Self Tan Luxe Facial Oil
    • Absolutely love this! It evens my complexion and gives me a great glow on its own and with make on top of it. It's a real quick pick me up when my skin feels dull and glum.
    • by Sian Powell | 31/03/2015
    • Bronzed Beauty
    • As a pale blue Scottish girl this oil turns me from pale & uninteresting to a glowing bronzed goddess!!
    • by Tracy Macauley | 31/03/2015
    • amazing
    • omg this oil is the best since sliced bread. It makes your face look a million dollars love it xxx a defo must for summer x
    • by Amanda | 31/03/2015
    • Tanning face oil
    • I used this product for the first time, and I like it, like how you can apply and you don't get that instant dark colour that develops over time, and you can't even open the door without someone staring!
      Lovely a natural, only down side is it takes 4-8 develop, where a lot of new fake tans are a lot quicker now, and I like to leave it on to get the darkest tan possible!! But an overall good tan
    • by Hayley | 31/03/2015
    • Fabulous!
    • I love this product! Never found any as good for your face, it's perfect.
    • by Sarah Johnson. | 30/03/2015
    • Facial Oil
    • Love this stuff! want the body oil for defo now it was out of stock at boots
    • by michelle | 30/03/2015
    • Super Healthy Glow
    • After using the body version of this oil, I was thrilled when it came out specifically for the face. It gives a beautiful and healthy glow instantly and develops to a healthier looking you. It's hydrating but not greasy and the colour is great for all skin tones, mine's fair and it was a brilliant light tan. I couldn't rate this product high enough. Thank you!
    • by Georgina Jacobs | 30/03/2015
    • Fantastic!
    • My husband purchased me this for Mothers Day from my little boy. It's the best! Lovely citrus smell no horrible tan smell. Skin looks healthy and natural, not orange. Easy to apply and very long lasting. Love it :)
    • by Kellyann Wood | 30/03/2015
    • Gorgeous Glow!
    • I absolutely adore this facial oil. It's non shimmery, unlike the body oil, yet my skin looks radiant from the instant I apply it. You only need to use a few drops a few times a week, it leaves a natural golden glow that makes me look so healthy. I love this!
    • by Lindsay Stanley | 30/03/2015
    • Face oil
    • Love. Love. Love your face oil!
    • by AMY Travis | 30/03/2015
    • Transform your skin
    • As a 30-something acne sufferer and fake tan addict, I have found it difficult over the years to find a tanning product that doesn't aggravate my skin or break me out. Until now!

      Whilst I am prone to breakouts, I also have dry skin (especially under the eye area) and found this product is nourishing and leaves my skin balanced and spots faded.

      I was so delightfully surprised after my first use a couple of weeks ago, I now use this 3 x per week in place of my usual nighttime moisturiser.

      Cannot rate this highly enough! And the colour looks so fresh and natural.
    • by Sarah Louise Stevenson | 30/03/2015
    • Self tan facial oil
    • This is a must have product! It makes my skin feel soft and fresh, and adds a gorgeous glow. Money well spent and I will definitely purchase again once I have used this one. 10 out of 10!
    • by Beverley ward | 30/03/2015
    • Tanning oil for face
    • Used it on myself and my friend last night left it on overnight no difference seen except many spots have erupted on both our faces
    • by Joanne fleming | 30/03/2015
    • A convert already!
    • I have only been using this for a few days and I love it! The smell is divine and the colour is so natural and a subtle build.
      So easy to apply and I don't find it sticky at all - I think this is a new favourite!
    • by Caroline Glover | 30/03/2015
    • Luxury face oil
    • I would really recommend this product leaves skin so smooth only down side its abit sticky, just bought body oil one so will let you know.
    • by Samantha Bentley | 30/03/2015
    • Fantastic!
    • Fantastic product. Skin looks great and it is so soft. :) I have sensitive skin is not irritating. I recommend.
    • by mxx | 30/03/2015
    • The perfect facial tanning oil
    • When St.Tropez brought their first tanning oil out the only thing I wished is that they created one for the face, so I was so excited when this came out. The packaging is beautiful and stylish and the drop applicator is a perfect and non wasteful way to apply the product. It smelt great really and very fresh...very much like citrus fruits. It's not heavy sticky or tacky and dries pretty much instantly. It leaves me with an instant golden bit very natural looking tan. This product couldn't be more perfect.
    • by Natasha summer | 30/03/2015
    • Don't let the word oil put you off
    • WOW! I was sent this by St.Tropez to try and I will definitely be buying it again! I have very oily skin and suffer from acne and sensitive skin. I was quite wary about trying this because I thought it's just going to my face even greasier and block my pores causing break outs - but I gave it a whirl and I was so wrong. It's not sticky and glides on my skin so easily. What's best is that it doesn't make my skin greasy at all and has not caused a break out. It gives a lovely natural looking tan. It's subtle but noticeable. It really does make my skin glow and means I don't have to wear foundation because it evens out my complexion. I'm really impressed. I used more than the recommended 3 drops and went for 6 drops to get a darker tan.
    • by Olivia W | 27/03/2015
    • Luxury oil for the face
    • I love this product as it's designed for the face, as my tan never quite lasts as long on my face as it does on my body as it gets scrubs etc used on it frequently. But I found this product helped to keep my face tanned like the rest of my body for longer. I love the luxury feel the oil gives the skin, it leaves the skin super smooth and with a lovely glow. Would definitely buy this product again and would recommend as I don't actually find this heavy under my make up either. All round Another fabulous product from St. Tropez!! Thank you x
    • by Sinead Parker | 22/03/2015
    • Fabulous
    • This product is fantastic. I have sensitive skin but it is very moisturising, dries instantly and leaves a beautiful glowing complexion after 4 hours. Long lasting tan too.
    • by Karen | 12/03/2015
    • Great colour
    • Love this product... Only downside is that it stays very sticky after you put it on. Comes out such a nice colour tho so i would deff buy this again.
    • by Rebecca | 06/03/2015


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